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Need Some TV Help

JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
I want to buy a new TV maybe but I've been out the TV game for a hot minute and now there are too many tvs.

I've always liked Sony and Amazon has a decent price on the X950 55". But they also have an LG 55 OLED c8AUA model which is cheaper than the PUA model and I'm not sure why? Best I can tell is that the model number changes depending on the seller so I guess maybe the AUA is the Amazon model and the PUA is the standard model. But where are those savings coming from? I know the Sony will be a good TV but I want those OLED blacks and $1200 is a good ass price for an OLED but what if it's a shitty version?

I get a small discount on Samsung stuff but cheesy Pete there are so many Samsung models I don't even know where to start.

What do?


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