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PAX Aus 2019 Pins

thx42thx42 SeattleRegistered User regular
edited October 14 in Pinny Arcade
Aus 2019 Pins -
Aus 2019 Pin Quest -
Aus 2019 Handout Page 1 -
Aus 2019 Handout Page 2 -

Purchase Pins
PAX Aus 2019 Set: PAX Aus 2019 Logo, Thinking Gabe, In-a-Huff Tycho, Scaredy Kemper (Merch or Merch Lite) $35
PAX Aus 2019 LE Set (Merch Lite) $30
Best Friend (Starcolt - PR07) $20
Love Birbs (GenerOXity - Wombat Theatre) $20
Spunky Birb (Samurai Punk - PR08) $20
I Support You (Checkpoint - Diversity Lounge) $20
Ring of Pain: Hello Friend (Twice Different - AIS3) $20
Party Popper: Spikyboi (Giant Margarite - 37) $20
I Heart Doom (Reign Absolute - TT340) $20
SALE (EB Games Megastore) $20
BEESTINGER (Kris Straub - Bandland) $20
Cloisonne of Cthulhu (Chaosium - TT1210) $20
Necrobarista: Maddy Xiao (Necrobarista - PR13) $20
Fall Guys (Devolver Digital - 11440) $20
Dice Platypus (Level Up Dice - TT210) $20
Snow Mercy Snow Slinger (Snow Mercy - 8) $18
R6 Tachanka (Ubisoft - 1840) - Spend over $40 at Ubisoft Store

Free/Other Pins
Projection: First Light (Blowfish Studios - PR03) Free with demo, also available for purchase
The Pin Chicken (ReedPOP) Trade with ReedPOP staff, times and places will be announced via @PAXAus
Doom Slayer's Club (Bethesda) - First 50 that attend Bethesda Trivia Panel, First 150 that attend Top Tips for Surviving Hell panel, or trade with Bethesda staff
World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary (Nintendo - 1800) - Demo Overwatch at Nintendo booth, play Hearthstone at Handheld Gaming Lounge, and toast to WoW at Razer booth
GameMelbourne (Marc O Matic's - 28) - Download app and play with artwork
Prescribed Respawn (Evil Corp/Born & Thread) - Attend selected panels (see below) and claim a stamp - get pin with 3 stamps.
Gabe Flag and Tycho Flag - Trade with Jerry (Tycho)
Aries and Leo - Trade with Laura
Pisces and Cancer - Trade with Lidija
Aquarius and Libra - Trade with Dora
Capricorn - Trade with Ryan
Sagittarius - Trade with Travis
Scorpio - Trade with Kiko
Virgo and Taurus - Trade with Dabe
Gemini - Trade with Elyssa
Fire Crown - Trade with Laura or Travis
Water Crown - Trade with Lidija or Kiko
Air Crown - Trade with Dora or Elyssa
Earth Crown - Trade with Ryan or Dabe


Storytime (Main - Fri 10:30-11:30AM) **Prescribed Respawn**
Penny Arcade Q&A (Main - Fri 11:30AM-12:30PM) **Prescribed Respawn**
Pins: 101 Pinny Arcade Introduction (Ibis - Fri 12:30-1:30PM)
Community Pin Trading (Queue Hall - Fri 4:00-6:00PM)
Acquisitions Inc: The "C" Team's Better Advice Panel (Fruitbat - Fri 5:00-6:0PM) **Prescribed Respawn**
Top Tips for Surviving Hell: DOOM Eternal Live Playthrough (EB Live - Fri 7:30-8:30PM)
PA Community Pin Trading (Exhibition Merch - Fri 7:30-9:30PM)

Penny Arcade: Make a Strip (Main - Sat 10:30AM-12:00PM) **Prescribed Respawn**
Pinny Arcade Staff Pin Trading (Queue Hall - Sat 1:00-3:00PM)
Reviewing the Tech of Black Mirror (Kookaburra - Sat 1:30-2:30PM) **Prescribed Respawn**
The Pinny Arcade Community Presetns: A Winner is You Too! (Kookaburra - Sat 3:00-4:00PM)
CD Projekt Red Presents Cyberpubk 2077 (Main - Sat 3:00-4:00PM) **Prescribed Respawn**
Community Pin Trading (Queue Hall - Sat 4:00-6:00PM)
PA Community Pin Trading (Exhibition Merch - Sat 7:30-9:30PM)

Prescribed Respawn: The Gaming Emergency Department (Kookaburra - Sun 10:30-11:30AM) **Prescribed Respawn**
Growing Up with the Elder Scrolls (Ibis - 12:30-1:30PM) **Prescribed Respawn**
Community Pin Trading (Queue Hall - Sun 2:00-4:00PM)
Press X to Science (Gamespot - 3:30-4:30PM) **Prescribed Respawn**

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