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Noob question about the app/guide

seewhatsinmybrainseewhatsinmybrain Registered User regular
First timer here to Pax Unplugged.

I see that the Guide for 2019 is available in the Pax app so I downloaded it. Under Schedule there's events listed. This is not a registration tool, correct? Its just for building a reference agenda?

I can add items to my Agenda and I see "Registration Opens Nov 15" next to some events. So can I assume that adding to my agenda does not = registration, and that Registration for everything opens Nov 15?



  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    That is correct, adding stuff to your personal schedule is not registration.

    Last year, certain events had different dates for registration opening. Not sure if that's happening again, but I would just keep an eye on the stuff you want to do and make sure that there's not a special note about registration for any of those starting on a different day/time than the overall registration date.

  • GundabadGundabad PAX East & Unplugged Tabletop Manager NJRegistered User regular
    The only events for which the app serves as a registration method are the ones labeled "Registration Opens Nov 15th." All other events, at the end of their event description, describe the manner in which you can register. Adding those types of events to your schedule is for planning purposes only.

  • seewhatsinmybrainseewhatsinmybrain Registered User regular

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