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New to Unplugged Pre-reg Question

GizzlyDepoGizzlyDepo Registered User new member
First time going to PAX Unplugged, trying to leave my schedule “open” to explore but if i want to pre-registers for some D&D, will i need to be sitting by a computer/the app at 1pm on the 15th?

Where i work i can not have a personal phone on me so trying to plan ahead. Thanks!


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    whypick1whypick1 PAX [E] Info Booth Manager ~2' from an LCDRegistered User regular
    You'll need to be on your phone to pre-reg. You may get lucky in that spots may open up day-of, but the pre-reg events tend to be popular ones, and D+D is very popular.

    Is it PAX <insert nearest future PAX here> yet?
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