Average cost of PAX attendance?

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I've been thinking about doing PAX for years now and last year I decided that I may finally save up for it. Basically what happened is that I was in the area for a cruise to Alaska around the time of PAX West (unfortunately my schedule didn't give me enough time for actually attending PAX) and I realized immediately that enough is enough. Seriously, there's enough to make a week out of the deal either before or after PAX to save up for and I was always intending on making a week of it should I actually do so both to check out the local scene and cap it off at PAX West. Or more specifically, I would make a family vacation out of it and follow up with PAX West at the end of the week. (Being of a different generation they're not exactly up with the culture, and some of it is kind of a bit off by comparison with even cosplay being a serious disconnect so this would obviously be a personal experience to begin with.)

My only question now (and seeing as the earliest I can save for is to do PAX West) is what the average cost is for one person for the whole weekend, not including the lodging, airfare or anything I'd do prior to PAX (e.g. Space Needle, Pike Place etc.)


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    Badges last year were $57/day. The only thing you have to pay any more money for to do at PAX would be some of the tabletop tournaments like sealed deck Magic which have an entry fee for the cards themselves. Other than that, the badge is all-inclusive.

    Is it PAX <insert nearest future PAX here> yet?
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    Which translates to roughly $240 for the whole weekend, plus they're knocking it down by $20 again for the whole event (based on the costs for PAX East which is coming up, and I literally just checked). My next question is that since I would be in the area for what is otherwise a family vacation as to recommendations for lodging that serves all purposes (doesn't have to be close to PAX, just within reasonable budget and location to transportation, preferably off the rail line between SeaTac and Westlake for convenience, and I'd probably throw in the monorail to Seattle Center for the attractions over there).

    EDIT: Forgot to mention the part about budgeting for lunch, snack breaks etc. Sorry about that!

    EDIT 2: Also forgot to mention that I located everything on Google Maps so I know what's what. Early months still (and barely almost four since West 2019) but then again I'm the kind of person who has a thing about researching things as far in advance as I can do so.

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    Another update on this topic. I would also like to check on the average lodging at this point (though I probably wouldn't be interested in a room share for personal and logistical reasons, and even if I did I'd have to inform people who probably wouldn't be real in tune with that because of the fact that s**t happens if you get a bad roomie whether it's bad or worse - not to mention they'd have to be booked on the same floor and everything else for reasons that I won't discuss).

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