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PAX SOUTH 2020 TABLETOP INDIE SHOWCASE with Mission to Planet Hexx!

Hi all!

If you haven't seen it, there are seven games this year in the Tabletop Showcase, Booth 20034:

Mission to Planet Hexx! (that's me!)


AEGIS: Combining Robots
Mantis Falls
Mecha Riders
Set a Watch
That's Wizard

Check out my Facebook page for more information, (I'll add it later - I'm too new to post links, evidently, even to PAX Sites), and the PAX South main page, (but search for us in 2020, the cover page is still pointing to the 2019 showcase, for some reason)

Please come and check us out all three days and let me know here about your experience with the Tabletop Showcase in years past.



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