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Why is Pax South such a joke this year?

MrGoodGLowMrGoodGLow Registered User new member
I've been to PAX south 1,2,5,6 and this year feels like a joke.

Less booths, less panels, less indie devs, less value.

Are y'all charging too much to indie devs to come set up booths?

To add insult to injury y'all have a massive a decrease in booth floorspace this year, but instead of of spreading out the booths a bit more to make it easier to see the little amount of content there, y'all keep it crammed and then have these giant gaping holes.


  • MrGoodGLowMrGoodGLow Registered User new member
    This isn't just my opinion, every time im in line or have the opportunity I've asked people "have you been to a previous Pax South", if they say yess I ask "Doesn't this Pax South feel like a joke?" 1/2 say yes, 1/2 reframe it to be less blunt and say something like "It does feel smaller this year",

  • MrGoodGLowMrGoodGLow Registered User new member


  • Punk611Punk611 Registered User new member
    This is my 3rd year. It is sad to see the same stuff that has been here all three years. Nothing really new. And no big attractions like Resident Evil last year and Monster Hunter World the year before. The only event I want to watch is Acquisition Inc. Non of the panels seem worth the time. I was done and ready to leave at 3 on the first day. Today (day 2) my only plans are True dungeon and Acquisition Inc. There needs to be a big change next year, and it needs to be announced, or this might be my last. And I don't want that.

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    There'll be a thread for constructive criticism after the show.

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