PAX West 2020 Challenge Coin News

Nfan10039Nfan10039 Toronto (Seattle bound)Registered User regular
Hello all,

Nfan10039 here! I hope all of you are doing well in this day and age. Things are relatively unchanged for me, as I am working from home. In case any of you were wondering, there likely won't be a challenge coin for this year if PAX West 2020 goes ahead. And that's a huge IF. I'm hoping to make it down to Washington State in August, but ultimately need to do what is safest for me. Who knows if this pandemic will disappear by then? I have no idea and I don't know if air travel will open up any time soon even though a few businesses will be opening up over the next few weeks/months. All we can do is to try and stay happy, optimistic, and be kind to one another. We are all in this crazy situation together and there isn't much that we can do except stay at home, wash your hands and try to follow medical officials advice. So, until I have more news, stay safe, have fun and please I hope all of you are healthy or recover from any illnesses.

Game On!!!

Just a nerd into anything Nintendo, anime, MCU, Star Wars, and board games/card games.
Also a computer scientist and a streamer.


  • anettie76anettie76 OregonRegistered User regular
    Great to see you're doing well. I only live about 8 hours away from Seattle, but I'm also hesitate to attend PAX this year. I have gone the last 6 years, but I'm just a bit leery this year. I saw a notice that Indie Megabooth has put their events on hold, for now. That's my favorite part of PAX and where I spend the most time. Also, I'm not sure people will want to travel that soon. It's so unpredictable. So for now, I'm watching PAX forums, their website, and Twitter notifications. I may just have to bow out this year. :( If it does go on, there is always the opportunity to watch the main rooms on Thank you for your years of challenge coins. I've collected only the last 5 years, but they are an amazing representation of my wonderful PAX adventures. Stay safe, stay healthy, and we'll all get a chance to celebrate PAX again.


  • IncreaseBlueIncreaseBlue Registered User regular
    Thanks for everything you do nfan! Stay safe and healthy.

  • MightyMighty Omeganaut '15 '16 '17 NebraskaRegistered User regular
    I look forward to the next time!

  • MrBigBMrBigB Registered User new member
    Has there been any discussion of a PAX coin for the online event? Seems like it could an interesting way to commemorate the dumpster fire that is 2020, but also celebrate the new direction PAX took to keep us all engaged and together through all this.

  • guyatthecounterguyatthecounter Registered User regular
    I'd be up for a coin like that!

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