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I've noticed a bug when trying to use the in-webpage "previous" and "next" arrows on the website. Not sure who I should contact about this or if someone can pass it on.

Quick Summary: The previous and next arrows sometimes skip news posts in an unusual way.

Steps to recreate:

1) Click on the "Adamant" news post (although this happens with other posts as well).
2) Click the next arrow and you skip forward to "Kakuna'.
3) Click the next arrow again and you skip forward to "The Toothsman".
4) This has skipped over one of Mike's posts.
3) Click the back arrow when on "the Toothsman" and it takes you to the skipped post (Mike's news post about the Logitech G915).
4) Hit back again, and it skips "Kakuna" and takes you back to "Adamant".



  • furlionfurlion Riskbreaker Lea MondeRegistered User regular
    This is still doing this with the latest 3 posts. The only way to get to Jerry's latest post is to hit go to latest post. If you go back a few and advance one at a time it stops at Mike's post from Friday.

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