Baptism gift ideas for godchild

KleinKlein Registered User regular
I am seeking advice on a good baptism gift for my godchild, I was hoping someone could provide some advice. Is $100 about right that I could give them for a college fund or whatever? I am also looking to buy another small gift for the child that would not be overly religious but still appropriate.


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    spool32spool32 Contrary Library Registered User regular
    What faith? Donation to a college fund and a small bible is pretty common. If they're Episcopalian, a Book of Common Prayer is better. And then I'd go with "some other age-appropriate book" for the other one.

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    see317see317 Registered User regular
    How old is the child in question? I know Catholics like to do baptism early on, but other flavors of Christianity can do it much later.

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    CelestialBadgerCelestialBadger Registered User regular
    Bible story book for kids.

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    MichaelLCMichaelLC In what furnace was thy brain? ChicagoRegistered User regular
    The Complete Veggie Tales on Blu-ray.

    Yes $100 is good. Gift could be a necklace or small keepsake box. Kids Bible is appropriate as well, or a small plaque with some general inspirational message on it.

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    ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular
    In my family, we always give a cross engraved with the child’s name and date of baptism.

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