Chadwick Boseman has passed away

LarsLars Registered User regular
He had been battling colon cancer for the last four years, yet still put out numerous powerful performances.


2020 fucking sucks.


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    JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    Chadwick Boseman was from my home town.

    I always took a lot of pride in saying that. I still will but its gonna sting a little now.

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    DixonDixon Screwed...possibly doomed CanadaRegistered User regular
    edited August 2020
    Terrible news, such a genuine and intelligent person.

    I was so shocked when reading about it earlier. The strength it must of taken to keep it hidden from the public and continue working.

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    DJ EebsDJ Eebs Moderator, Administrator admin
    edited August 2020

    Ryan Coogler, director of Black Panther, on Chadwick Boseman

    DJ Eebs on
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    OlivawOlivaw good name, isn't it? the foot of mt fujiRegistered User regular
    I still can’t believe that he did all that he did while battling cancer. How much he contributed, above and beyond what was required of him

    What a profound, irreplaceable loss for the art form

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    Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    I'm watching Black Panther again right now
    I was surprised how emotional I got as soon as I saw him, but I had to stop and take a lap and some deep breaths at the first ancestral plane scene

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    Centipede DamascusCentipede Damascus Registered User regular
    ABC is going to air Black Panther tonight without any commercials, followed by a half-hour retrospective on Boseman's life and career.

    The Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios will pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman tonight with a special commercial-free airing of “Black Panther” on ABC, followed by a special examining the actor’s life and work.

    Robin Roberts, the co-anchor of “Good Morning America,” will host the ABC News special “Chadwick Boseman — A Tribute for a King.”


    The movie is set to air without interruption on ABC from 8 p.m.-10:20 p.m. The rest of the 10 p.m. hour of primetime will be filled by “Chadwick Boseman — A Tribute for a King,” produced by ABC News. ABC News said the special will “celebrate Boseman’s storied life, legacy and career, and the cultural imprint he made on- and off-screen. It will feature tributes that have poured in from celebrities, political figures and fans across the world, special words from those who starred alongside him and knew Boseman best, and shine a light on the medical condition he privately battled.”

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