Xbox One Pad Calibration Issues

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Having just bought a brand new Xbox One controller, I was disappointed to find that - while it doesn't seem to display any drifting issues - the right thumbstick is not quite correctly centred at rest.



Is this something to be worried about or is this a common issue with game pads in general? While I'm tempted to return the pad, they're in such short supply that I'm not sure I could get a replacement issued very quickly.


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    This might sound crazy, but gently pull the stick forward, away from the controller, and then back down.

    Where did you buy it? I always go to bat for Best Buy's replacement program, it's pretty cheap for controllers and they'll usually ship you a new one in a few days if they don't have them on hand.

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    I'm based in the UK, so I bought the pad from

    I could look up their replacement policy but I'm not sure if this is issue is actually within QA tolerances. Again, I haven't noticed any drift yet.

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