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[D&D 5E] Whispered Curse, Day 60- Offshore/Abbott of the Eternal



  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Urixes keeps glancing back at the incoming wyverns, really starting to feel the pressure now to wrap this up quickly. He nods to Hex as the shadowy bird flies in, then sends him off to harass Mullroy.

    Geth, roll 2d20k1+8 for Eldritch Blast 1
    Geth, roll 1d10+4 for Force Damage 1
    Geth, roll 1d20+8 for Eldritch Blast 2
    Geth, roll 1d10+4 for Force Damage 2
    Geth, roll 1d20+8 for Grasp of the Deep
    Geth, roll 1d8 for Lightning Damage

    Eldritch Blast 1:
    2d20k1+8 22 [2d20k1=[14], 11]
    Force Damage 1:
    1d10+4 9 [1d10=5]
    Eldritch Blast 2:
    1d20+8 25 [1d20=17]
    Force Damage 2:
    1d10+4 7 [1d10=3]
    Grasp of the Deep:
    1d20+8 19 [1d20=11]
    Lightning Damage:
    1d8 7 [1d8=7]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    OOC:This is a big one...

    Geth roll 1d20 Strength Check vs. Tripping (Little Witch)

    Strength Check vs. Tripping (Little Witch):
    1d20 2 [1d20=2]

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    edited September 2021
    OOC come on and die already witch!

    zekebeau on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited September 2021
    Private Mullory has been *slain* by the blistering arcane energy of Urixes!
    The Little Witch absorbs both lead shots from Jack, and falls hard to the ground. She *DOES NOT* get back up again!

    The Wyverns slowly bob into range over the western railing…and coming up the channel behind them, the sails of a very familiar Ship…


    Paladin David casts “Lay on Hands” on himself, and runs back into the fray towards the Wyverns!
    Paladin David heals 30 hp using Lay on Hands!

    Ranger Jared casts “Cure Wounds” on himself, and joins his Paladin brother on the charge towards the garbage-dragons!
    Geth roll 1d8+4 Cure Wounds

    Sorcerer Aaron stands his ground against the incoming rat-birds, and prepares a “Fire Bolt” for when the creatures come within range!


    The ground beneath you *TREMBLES* again. The entire structure seems to shake itself for a moment, and nearly knocks everyone off of their feet…

    OAK, the Little Witch has collapsed in front of you. A dull, clear bauble rolls out from her clothing, to rest at your feet. Do you take the sphere? And what do you plan to do with the Little Witch?

    JACK, the Purple Worms are tunneling their way here this very moment. Please make a Perception Check to determine exactly where they may emerge from!

    ARNO, the Wyverns are flying in a tight, uniform formation. They’re clearly well-trained, and seem to be following a plan: please make an Animal Handling Check to see if you can determine what that plan is through their flight pattern!

    URIXES, you’re closest to the incoming enemies: please make a Perception Check to get a read for what condition the Wyverns are in (Rough Current HP, Injuries, etc.)

    OOC: Everyone may make their standard battle action and movement *in addition* to their Challenge! Go get em’, Wild Bunch! 8-)

    Cure Wounds:
    1d8+4 11 [1d8=7]

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  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Arno gives some healing, then runs over to pick up their dagger.

    "How you holding up buddy, seems you got a lot of magic hitting you in the face this fight."

    OOC I'm close enough to heal either Oak or Jack, and it will be whoever has the lowest hit points/looks the most ragged. Then after grabbing the dagger I'll run whatever I have left toward the wyverns.

    Geth roll 1d20+4 animal handling

    Geth roll 1d8+4 for healing magic

    animal handling:
    1d20+4 22 [1d20=18]
    healing magic:
    1d8+4 10 [1d8=6]

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Oh, huh, she went down. He keeps his pistol aimed at her, but when she continues not moving he holsters both his weapons and looks at Arno, "Yeah, I'm feeling a bit singed!" Looks singed, too.

    He twitches nervously as yet another rumble passes through the ground and looks at his feet, "Right, um. We should move, those giant worms are about to eat us along with this whole podium I think. FUSSPOT, HERE!" Right, where will they be coming from and what's the shortest way out of here...

    Geth, roll 1d20+4 for Perception

    ((OOC: Jack is on 11 hitpoints, he could do with a heal! ))

    1d20+4 9 [1d20=5]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
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    Oak's eyes are alight with firey red anger as the witch collapses to the ground in front of him. Jack had knocked her down and she hadn't gotten up. Oak's hands tightened on his axe as he sees someone who has caused them so much pain and grief still in front of him. His eyes are only briefly distracted by the sphere that rolls towards him, and absentmindedly, his hand reaches down to collect it, storing it away as the hand returns to axe handle.

    He advances on the prone witch, his mind made up, his rage fueled by his desire to end a threat to the crew, the ship, and likely the entire expanse. If he were younger, he might have balked at attacking a defenseless opponent, his pride might have stung at anything other than a fair fight. But the Shifter had seen enough battles to know that it was the end result that mattered, and if he didn't end the witch right now, she might come back to haunt them in the future.

    A step away, his axe raises up high, and he brings it down with all his might towards her neck.

    Edit: whoops, forgot the k in there. That's a 29, though.

    Oh and also, Oak's pretty beat up as well, but Jack's 11 HP takes the cake. So he'd get the heal first.

    Geth, roll 2d20+10 for Chop Chop
    Geth, roll 1d12+9 for Dmg

    Chop Chop:
    2d20+10 40 [2d20=19, 11]
    1d12+9 21 [1d12=12]

    AustinP0027 on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular

    - Two of the Wyverns straight up the middle, taking the fight to anything that stands between them and the Witch, and trying to *rout* the group in order to help....

    - ...the ones circling around either side of the battlefield, taking the long/safe path towards the Witch, and harassing any party members near the edges of the battlefield

    - They'll sacrifice themselves if you get between them and their target, but they also don't actually care about the Wild Bunch: their only interest at this point is in recovering the Witch

    ...can't be sure. The vibrations are *very* hard to pinpoint. Near the Tower...ish? What Jack does know is that if this this area takes that kind of structural damage, you won't just be looking at difficult terrain... you'll be dealing with extreme slopes and unpredictable breakage as the stone bows and snaps everywhere up here. This place could all collapse it on itself, or just slide off into the ocean. Or the Worms might just, you you all. Very bad news, all around. Get to the Ship ASAP.

    The blow lands...


    ...The Little Witch has been *beheaded* by Oak's Great Axe!

    Oak has acquired the following items:

    -Dragon's Right-Eye (Unlit)- A dull, clear sphere that the Little Witch kept in her personal possession. You'll need to get it Identified by a Professional to learn more

    - Faye's Head- A trophy from one of the Original Evils of the Twilight Expanse. A look of utter surprise is the permanent expression on her face

    In addition, the Wild Bunch's Renown Increases by 1 across the Expanse!:

    - Renown with the Queen's Army increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Sun Prince's Dogs increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Merfolk and Tritons increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Wild-Kind increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Slavers Faction increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Red Dragon Legion increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Summer Fleet increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Duskrunners increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Boom-Top Apes increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Spider Collective increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Kents increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Crystal Gems increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Rak'ta and Chameleons increases by 1, to 5!

    - Renown with the Koa-toa increases by 1, to 2!

    - Renown with the Yuan-ti increases by 1, to 1!

    - Renown with the Tick-Tock Modrons increases by 1, to 1!

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Another rumble, "Um. Guys? We should get to the ship, now." He's giving Oak very anxious looks, almost dancing in place and making Mister Fusspot repeatedly flap off his shoulder in agitation.

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Oh, some actual good news?

    Arno looks about at the Edgars getting ready to engage, and Urixes in the path, and Oak right above the target of these beasts, and yells out:

    "Don't engage the Wyverns, run, get out of the way! They don't want us, they just want the witches body, just give them a clear path. Move to the side, give them space and lets get to the ship."

    Arno looks about, Hmm, how do we get to the ship from here?

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak lets out a long breath as the witches head separates from her body. The finality of the moment drains his rage, and his vision clears. Hand reaches down to grab the hair on the head, something that is less of a trophy as much as a reminder of safety that others can take solace in. As he stands back up, Arno begins yelling. They needed to move quickly and not engage? Internally, Oak bristles at the thought of backing down for a moment, but just as quickly as that moment arrives, it passes. He realizes he is beat up and the rest of them are too.

    "Right then. Like Arno says. Let's get out of the way."

    Not sure if we're still in combat order plus Urixes still needs to act.

    Once that's clear, Oak will begin running.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    Jack makes his way towards the Whispered Curse, *DASHING* through the field of statues!...


    OOC: Still technically in battle! Wyverns will take their turn after all of the Wild Bunch has acted, as will the Whispered Curse (So Initiative Order is: Wild Bunch, Wyverns/Whispered Curse, Edgar Boys) Turn and Perception Check to “scan” the health of the Wyverns currently to Urixes ( @Denada )

    You are nearing the end of the Grey Maw, and about to enter the Twilight Expanse proper! After the current event, there will be a bit of story and catch-up, then I’ll be checking in with you guys OOC to see where everyone is at before letting you loose on the “Open World”!

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
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    "Yeah," Urixes says, surveying the wyverns, the dead bodies, the rumbling ground, "Yeah."

    With a wave of his hand he causes some lights to flicker over the corpses, hoping to draw the wyverns attention to an easy meal. Then he beats feet for the exit.

    OOC: I'll cast Thaumaturgy to try to make the corpses look appealing in some way, then I'm running on out of here with the rest of the bunch.

    Geth, roll 1d20 for Perception Check
    Geth, roll 1d20+5 for Arcana Check

    Perception Check:
    1d20 9 [1d20=9]
    Arcana Check:
    1d20+5 25 [1d20=20]

    Denada on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    ((These vignettes are by-character for story purposes, but belong to everyone))


    [The Wild Bunch’s Brute/Demon-Dealer/Crone-Slayer/Soulbound of the Whispered Curse]

    Oak watches as the Edgars dash back towards the Ship, and the Wyverns begin to encircle your group, skating across the skies at a terrible pace. The Barbarian can see the Curse, its crew hollering when they take sight of your group, and moving as one to pull down the Gangplank. Oak hefts back up his Axe, and moves to join the Wild Bunch’s rush, when…

    …Time seems to grind to a halt. Oak casts his gaze about the stalled battlefield, concerned of more magical foolery. He closes his eyes and picks through his mind, now wary and seasoned in the act of mental intrusion. But this seems...different. Calming. Natural.

    It is much like the sensation he had when he could daydream his way to the Decks of the Whispered Curse inside that strange, magical tunnel. But instead of a pinpoint of acute awareness, Oak feels his perception reach out, expanding up the hills, across the waters, past the horizon. He looks outwards, over the Twilight Expanse.


    There, just on the edge of sight, an Eagle flies. Gigantic, spectral, majestic. Its beating wings remind Oak of the Wyverns closing in behind him, but he is not afraid. As the bird flies closer, it becomes smaller and smaller, growing close in size to Fusspot. It comes to land on Oak’s shoulder, and as the ghostly-pale talons sink into his right arm, a vision comes clearly to his mind, and he sees the Expanse at once laid bare before him

    The moment passes. Oak stands alone now; the eagle has vanished. But as he looks around himself, the Shifter sees things that set an odd tingle and thrill to his spine: a beetle alights on a shrub, a thousand feet up the canyon wall; underwater and a half a mile out, a giant tuna swims carefully through a field of jagged rocks; nearly a mile away, fisherman in skiffs seem to be night fishing, buck-naked and dancing in the moonlight

    A voice, familiar because it is his own, whispers in Oak’s ear: “Fresh Eyes, to watch your Family and protect your Home. You will *need them*, out here in the Wilderness; there will be *No Shelter* here.

    And as Oak makes to catch up to the group, the Purple Worms finally, *horribly* emerge…

    Oak has gained the “Eagle Spirit Ability”, allowing for “Mile-Sight”!


    [Puissant Peacekeeper/Pilot-in-Training/Heart of the Whispered Curse/Never-Changing]

    Racing across the field of statues, Arno’s right foot hits, and the ground begins to give. Well, not give, so much as immediately disappear, and partially explode, and then turn into a massive sinkhole of teeth and yawning black abyss all within the same, strange instant. One minute Arno is here, and the next, they’re falling, falling, *GONE*


    The Changeling lands hard against the far side of the creature’s mouth. They are immediately caught in bed of diamond-like teeth, and scraped open along the arms and elbows. The bed of nails improbably holds Arno, keeping them from slipping down deeper into that bottomless black hole.. A slight bloodflow trickles from their arms, along the walls of the Worm’s throat. There is a split-second instant where Arno decides that, this may well be it: the way it all ends. The Changeling takes a long, deep breath…and then opens their eyes, choosing to meet the gaze of the Abyss below.

    And a sense of calm washes over the Changeling. After all, they’ve had a good life. No regrets! You tried to do the right thing, and make the World a better place with your presence. You tried to learn all you could about everyone you could meet. And if you had to change it…well, you wouldn’t! This is your story. And you’re darn proud of it!


    Then, why is it that it doesn’t feel like its over? Maybe, because things seemed to be getting started? You’d finally reached the Ocean of the Expanse, felt like you had the gotten the “Sway” of This Place. It would be an awful shame for your story to end right here, and for the Wild Bunch to have to do this all without you, right?

    ((The insides of the Purple Worm’s Mouth run slick with moisture, and are convulsing *horribly*. The creature is *gagging*))
    …yes, well, all decided then! It’s an awful shame to deny the Big, Overly-Friendly Worm their well-earned meal, but you’re sure the tonnage of rock they’re barreling through can make up the difference! Besides, you still have work to do…the Curse is gonna be in awful bad spirits by the time you get back, and they’ll need to see your smiling face to help get things feeling normal again…someone will need to translate for the Edgar trio…and where are Jack and Mister Fusspot?...

    ((The Purple Worm, forty feet tall, begins to shake and convulse from the outside. Just before *CRASHING* back into the Earth and destroying another section of the Maw, its head-section puffs up, squeezes, and *SPITS* out a wad of familiar, leather-and-grey-white skin onto the stone near Oak’s feet))
    Arno, lacerated and absolutely *coated* in mucous, looks up and smiles (sweetly but weakly) at Oak. Without missing a beat, the Barbarian reaches down and helps the battered Changeling up, heaving them to their feet by one arm and running shoulder-to-shoulder alongside them as the two make their way back towards the Ship.

    At the weaving Gangplank, desperately hanging on and trying to keep the board steady, stand welcome, friendly faces: Jack, waving you desperately in; behind him, Urixes and Zephyr, holding the plank down as tightly as they can…

    Arno has gained the “Wild Magic Neophyte” Trait, allowing them the ability to swim in the Open Waters of the Twilight Expanse without fear of freak Wild Magic occurrence!...They have also gained another point of Exhaustion (but this is simply for flavor’s sake, and *both* points will be removed after tonight’s restorative, dreamless Long Rest!)

    The pair of wyverns overhead had *SNAPPED* at Urixes and the Sorcerer Aaron on their flight past, but neither had bothered to do more than drive them both to the ground before quickly moving on. The two others had circled back and around, boxing Jack and David in, driving them off from the area of the Little Witch’s fallen body. And then, in one horrible moment, the Worms finally struck.

    They emerged impossibly big, and impossibly fast. Arno was gone in an instant; swallowed whole with a section of the floor. The Pink Wyvern, the one which has harassed the Sorcerer, was suddenly caught by the second Worm: they tussled in midair for a moment, two giant wild animals locked in a death-lock…before the Worm inevitably won, swallowing the Wyvern partially into their body, and *SMASHING* once more into the architecture of the Maw on the way down, burrowing through stone walkway before vanishing below.

    The other Worm raises itself up at the same time, *BELLOWING* with a monstrous, throttled-gurgle that splits the sky! It holds itself there for a moment, framed against the moonlight…then, with a sickening wriggle that shakes the ground, and a pulse throughout the slug-like body, the creature *BURSTS* itself outwards, segment by awful segment, until it finally *SPEWS* Arno back out!

    At the other end of the Battlefield, the surviving Wyverns finally come to where the Little Witch lies. A small figure, the skirt whole-and-too-familiar, pulls herself aboard the Blue Wyverns back. The visage of the Little Witch catches eyes with the Wild Bunch across the battlefield, once. The twisted face of Faye smiles at you all, *wickedly*, before the Wyverns rise up and take to the skies, headed to the North…

    ”Truesight” allows you to see the woman beneath the “Minor Illusion”: Aloro, the Mutineer. However, it appears her façade was enough to fool the Wyverns, at least for the time being...

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  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    [2nd Mate/Lord of the Deep/The Terror of Islands/Cursed Champion of Ghaunadaur]

    Urixes and Jack pull up the Gangplank with Zephyr as soon as Oak and Arno are safely aboard. Behind you all, the Grey Maw is cracking to shards; upended in nearly every direction. The Ancient Stone architecture, which has held for millennia, is falling in on itself and being destroyed. Urixes feels a pit begin to sink into his stomach.

    The Whispered Curse flees down the channel, dust and waves rising in the waters behind as the canyon walls *ROCK* against the seismic-force of the Worms. Urixes finds himself thrown down to the Deck once, as the tidal swell building beneath the Ship threatens to bash it to pieces against the rocks on either side of you…

    After a long, loud, desperate few minutes, the Curse finally slides away. The Ship escapes out of the Grey Maw, and into the wide ocean beyond. Catching his feet, the Tiefling Warlock starts to breathe again, and takes in the state of the Ship around him. The Main Mast has been destroyed, and the sails are being salvaged by the Riggers; a loud, familiar ruckus comes from up on the Forecastle Deck, where it appears Rax’s Ravagers have managed to restrain one of the Wyverns (but now, don’t seem to be sure what to do with it); everyone here looks beaten, battered, and bloody. The entire crew is exhausted.

    Captain Arabella has the Edgar Boys behing held at sword-point by Calthus and most of the Gunners. She’s demanding to know what’s going on, and why Mitchum’s *traitorous little dogs* are being let aboard her Ship. The Edgar Trio trip over each other, each more eager and angered than the last to explain their side of the story. Midway through, Captain Ari puts up a single hand, a clear sign for quiet, and asks: “K’saye do bolio? O’ derro d giglle, nero pet’ Liddle-Vitch?”

    Once it becomes apparent that Arabella speaks the Edgar-dialect, the whole story comes to light: the Little Witch’s deception, the carefully laid traps made to ensnare the Curse, Mitchum’s fall, and the Crone’s final, ultimate demise. At the end of the tale, the Captain sits quiet for a moment. She then asks Oak, calmly, to see the head. The Captain takes the bloody thing into her hands, glaring into the evil-little face…and she *SPITS* onto it, before handing it carefully back to the Barbarian.

    “She earned that, and *THEN* some,” the Captain curses, her anger still welling near the surface and tears sitting at the corners of her eyes. “All she’s done…*cough*huh, hrrrrm…..four of your mates, died in the battle. The 2nd Mate, Galelor; our Cabin Boy, Saphos; one of the Riggers, a Tiefling, Shax; and Aloysisus, the Master Carpenter. Sorry, Oak and Jack…I know you all were...., hrrm. As well as that, Crude was injured…it was actually only your bird, Urixes, that saved her from getting her whole arm tore off before she could set off the distraction. You should be proud…she, none of us probably, would’ve made it out without that!”

    “…and that reminds me. With the recent losses we’ve suffered…I suppose, I have to congratulate the both of you. Urixes, it falls to you to be our new 2nd Mate. And Oak, I’m afraid for the moment you’ll be taking Aloysius’s place…as the new Master Carpenter. I wish this was happening under better circumstances but, you deal the hand you’re dealt, right? Let me know if you need any help settling into your new roles.”

    “…we’ll be at it bright and early tomorrow, now that we’re into the Expanse-proper. So everyone be sure to get plenty of rest and be up first thing, because tomorrow the real work starts….errr, maybe not you, Arno. No offense, but you look like absolute-fucking-*HELL*you should probably sleep in late, get some extra rest. Anyways…nice work today, Wild Bunch…most of us are alive, and the Ship’s still whole…and that’s not nothing!

    The Captain walks away, looking weary and anxious. Urixes’s feels her pain; it has been, a long couple of days. He lets out a long yawn, and fools himself into thinking his trial is completed for the moment, before that terrible, haunting voice speaks up in his head once more, chortling:



    Urixes has advanced to 2nd Mate aboard the Whispered Curse! He has also been once more called into service by his Patron, the Ancient One, He That Lurks, Ghaunadaur. Starting at Chaff, Ghaunadaur will be coaxing you to fulfill the terms of your service, by calling in old debts, and enforcing contracts similar to your own…


    [Lucky Jack /Famed Limb-Chipper/Worldly Gourmand/Bearer of the Red Skull Saber]

    Jack assists in pulling up the gangplank, staying just-close-enough-by that he overhears the whole of the Captain’s speech. Mister Fusspot pops out on his shoulder, listening along and stretching his wings now that he’s found his way home. But they keep getting distracted by the hustle and bustle as the Ship finally pulls away, and especially all the commotion from up on the Forecastle Deck. Sounds like Rax’s Boys have one of the Wyverns tied down up there…

    Jack climbs the stairs and sure enough, Rax’s Ravagers and Killian the Striker are astride one of the rat-dragons, working fiercely to finish restraining it. It looks like they’ve used most of the downed rigging from the Main Mast (and *at least* a full length of the stashed emergency ropes) in an attempt to tie the creature safely down to the Deck.


    Killian turns and nods a greeting to Jack as he sidles up alongside the group. “Good to se ya’ back in one piece, lad! Glad you and the others ar’ safe. As you can see we’re just *OOMPH!*, wrapping up here…”

    “What’sss za plan, Old Man?” Rax hisses, irritated as he sits atop a wing. “Disssable za whole Forecassstle Deck to cage za creature? How do you plan for za men to sssleeep?”

    “Well, what’s your plan, “Rax the Resourceful”?” Killian responds, rolling his eyes. “*You* wanna try an’ cut the ropes again? Cause’ she’s gonna make for the first person who does it, guaranteed, so the second you’re ready to lose yer *other* hand….”

    “Alright, so we leave her tied here for the night….then what?” asks Shin the Kitsune, still making knots in the Wyvern’s makeshift-muzzle. “Someone’s gonna have to do something eventually….we don’t cut the rope now, it’s gonna be later when she’s….Old Man, what’s that look on your face?”

    Killian is staring sidelong at Jack, lost deeply in thought. He shakes himself from the notion in embarrassment, as the Fox tries to get his attention. “…eh? Wot? Oh, right, right….well, she’s down enough now. Fight’s plumb out of her, an’ frankly….I don’t think I have much more whiskey in me’ bottle, if you catch my drift. Maybe we just… leave it…see what the sun brings. We should all be feeling a bit better an’ thinking a little more clearly in the morning…”

    The Wyvern struggles one final time, before laying her head on the Deck, *HUFFING* in angry defeat. Upon Jack’s shoulder, Mister Fusspot moves forward, head twitching curiously at the trapped creature. The two birds-of-prey take account of each other for a strange moment, while Jack holds Fusspot close protectively.

    A sudden *HOWL* comes from some distance in the north. Jack peers along the horizon…he can just make out skiffs in the far distance, probably a group of fishermen out at night. The howling comes from those boats…and though the tongue which makes the noise is human, the language is most assuredly not…

    Now, not for the first time since he’s come out to the Expanse, Jack feels a sudden tug from his primal nature. He wonders how different he really is: from Mister Fusspot, or the Wyvern tied to the Deck. Whether he’s found the “Freedom” he has long sought, or merely a more attractive cage. It’s a disquieting thought for the plucky young werewolf…

    Jack, the Wyvern’s kinship with Mister Fusspot will put you in the unique position to be one of the only people able to get close to the creature for a time. In addition, your instincts and primal nature are calling to you more and more, the further on you are getting into the Expanse…

    OOC: EVERYONE So hey guys…we’ve all been doing this for almost whole fricking’ *YEAR* now! Which I think is pretty damn cool!

    This seemed like a good Chapter Break, so I just wanted to stop and take this opportunity to thank all of you, for your characters, and your communication, and your commitment to the story. I had no idea our little pirate adventure would blossom out the way it has, but it has been *very fun* to watch happen! Believe me when I tell you, the tale you guys have crafted is only partially recognizable to the thing I had dreamt up as a way to distract myself during Hellgate-2020.

    That being said: everyone here are adults with busy schedules, and a year is a long time to PbP. I think I get the feeling that people would like to continue forward in the same manner as we’ve been going so far: a long-form D&D Campaign. But if that is not the case (and it is 100% alright if it isn’t!), and anyone would like to step down or step out (or simply assume a Guest Role!), now seems like the best time to ask before moving further forward. I promise, if that ends up being your decision, your character will assume a position of power and security aboard the Ship, ready for if and when you choose to engage with them in whatever capacity moving ahead afterwards!

    Barring that, Next Episode: DAY 34: THE OPEN OCEAN

    You all have *FINALLY* reached the Vast Ocean that dominates the interior of the Twilight Expanse. The Whispered Curse will sail the Twilight-Seas: between Strange, Exotic Ports of Call and Ancient, Sunken Civilizations, looking to seek out the Keys to the Sess’innek’s Treasure, keep your Crew alive and sane, and your Ship in (more or less) one piece!

    Each day of the Voyage between Destinations will involve two Main Rolls: a 3d20 (Determining: Wind, Weather, and your Present Location Geography-wise), and a 3d6 (Determining the Day’s Events Morning/Noon/Evening and consisting of the following outcomes: Enemy Attack, At-Sea Encounter, Environmental Challenge, Morale Concern, Weather Event, or Luck O’ the Sea), either spaced out throughout the day (Dawn/Noon/Evening) or blended into a sensible puree’ should the situation call for it

    Between Ports and Island Stops (which will typically be a pleasant break for your Crew, restoring their MORALE) and your search for the remaining Keys, you will all need to concern yourselves with the following: CREW (including/especially proper staffing), HULL (Ship Health), MORALE (if you wish the Crew to stay sane and whole), FOOD (extra helps MORALE and Crew Health; little or none cuts into MORALE, makes people get sick faster, and can go very-wrong very-quickly), SUPPLIES (If you wish to repair the HULL, and complete special tasks or projects aboard the Ship or while travelling)

    This First Day out on the Twilight Expanse will be your one “Free Day”. No harm will come to the Crew or Ship, for the next 24 hours. Each of you may pursue the Rest, Leisure, or Exploratory Activity of their choice (Arno will have to wait until evening to start though; they are very, very tired). In addition, your character(s) will be called in to the following Events for their particular knowledge and expertise tomorrow (and also as a brief Tutorial on the new systems that are at work on the Ship's Voyage):

    EVERYONE- Staffing Issues (Calthus-Dragonborn, CREW); Laying the Dead to Rest (Natali-Half-Orc, MORALE)

    JACK - Biting the Hand that Feeds (Chained Wyvern- Scouting, and possibilities within the Expanse)

    OAK- Fixing the Main Mast (Novice Carpenters- SUPPLIES, HULL)

    URIXES- Catching up with Cardan Byrne (Baron Reynard- Resolution+ Story Hooks!)

    ARNO- Decoding the Map with Zephyr and the Captain (Movement and Exploration along the Map; Locations of the remaining Keys marked; FUNDS discussed)

    The Curse’s first destination will be the Pirate-Island of Chaff, a “safe harbor” where your crew may purchase fresh FOOD and SUPPLIES, exchange the Governor’s Writ for FUNDS for the Ship, and hire additional CREW to meet your staffing needs. After that, you will be allowed to sail about as you choose between your various quest markers!

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC Just going to take moment in this interlude to say THANK YOU @mrpaku.

    This story has been incredible, and every time I see the "scene transitions" like above, I've been blown away by what you've created.

    I'm also super impressed how well you've adapted, as I know we have thrown an endless number of curveballs your way.

    A big part of that is also a big thanks to everyone else for being so great to play with. I've loved watching each of you craft their stories and personalities, it's just been so much fun to interact with and find Oak's space in it all.

    Obviously, I'm all in on keeping going like we have been.

  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    Seconded, I've been loving the ride and am all down to keep going. <3

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    [/color=lime] OOC: This has been a blast and I am absolutely down to continue.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    Yup I'm still in too! This has been a lot of fun and I'm interested to see where the story goes.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    Geth roll 3d20 (Day 34)

    (Day 34):
    3d20 39 [3d20=20, 3, 16]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited September 2021

    Western Wind/Slight Rain (Drizzle)/Open Waters

    The Main Deck of the Ship is a flurry of activity the following morning. Pirate Vets take their positions under the sun, sipping coffee and looking weary. Newcomers (the Dwarfs and the Koa-toa at the moment) jockey for what little room remains aboard, and fight their way through the line at the Galley to get a fresh breakfast from Michael and Carlee.

    Natali the Half-Orc has found some volunteers to help gather your fallen comrades, and has laid them under bedsheets along the Main Deck. A portion of the Deck that was damaged beyond repair by the Wyverns has been made into a makeshift raft, and pirates are coming to pay their final respects and take a trinket from the bodies before they’re set out to sea, aflame.

    Natali smiles, sadly but kindly as you watch the procession. “Glad you could make it! It’s sad….not the first one of these we’ve had, and I daresay it won’t be the last. But it’s important that we pay respects for the dead…it keeps us safe, and it helps the Crew! A voyage like this…all the death and destruction, the fear…it weights on a soul. Be sure while you’re caring for your bodies, you don’t forget to treat your minds and spirits with the same care! It’s what we’ll all need, if we’re gonna get all these people through to the other side alive an’ *WHOLE*


    MORALE is slowly dropping, at all times between Ports of Call. Proper Entertainment and Healthy Food can help keep crew spirits at a slowly decreasing baseline, but events out on the Open Waters will mostly conspire to depress your men. MORALE that gets too low can lead to in-fighting, depression, madness, or even Mutiny! Events such as those cooked up by Bern, or Natali's religious observations will occasionally step in to help. Making sure everyone is paid through FUNDS, and throwing extra FOOD at the problem can help for awhile, but the only way to properly address MORALE is by stopping for a bit. Each day spent at a safe Port of Call or Harbour will *quickly* work to increase MORALE among the Crew! As well, finishing special, individual missions will “protect” some Crew against the harsher effects of low spirits, and make your group more steadfast as a whole!

    Calthus-Zorkul is currently harassing the new recruits: the Edgar Boys, and a highly-out-of-shape Baron Reynard. Though all have nautical experience, none have served on a Ship like this in quite awhile. As the Dragonborn works through the basics with the new meat, it becomes apparent he is gallantly holding his tongue as to how…”spoiled” these new members of the Crew seem to be.

    “The one…Baron Reynard…wanted to know when the next bath was,” Calthus whipers to you in secret in a break, his eyes taking on an air of irritable confusion. “We just had the *LAST* bath! How salty do you meat-sacks get?” The 1st Mate shakes his head, completely disgusted by the thought. Changing the subject, Calthus pulls out a familiar ledger, notes filling the margins and special orders sticking out between the pages. “Well here, just take a look…Captain thought you should see what exactly we’re dealing with, here.”

    “With the Edgar Boys, the Baron, and that Genasi, Zephyr coming off Sick Bed, we’ve got 5 Crew currently unassigned. Of course’…what with all the death…and destruction, and Mutiny and snake-possessions, we currently have 15 jobs aboard the Ship that need filling! So, you see our issue…”


    The Whispered Curse has been *BLEEDING* staff for the past month, and it’s starting to become a serious issue! Completely Unfilled Roles will provide zero bonuses to the Ship, and may have knock-down effects on other Shipbound factors (MORALE, SUPPLIES, FOOD, HULL, Firepower, Exploration).

    Fully Staffed or Nearly-Fully Staffed positions will make the Ship: run smoother in general, and SUPPLIES getting where they need to go (DECKHANDS); Guns hit harder and more accurately (GUNNERS); Food prepared-well and in a timely manner, maintaining Crew Health and not wasting sustenance (COOKS); the Ship adjusting to conditions quickly and safely (RIGGERS); have a strong first-line of defense, and a constant modest FOOD source (STRIKERS); be able to properly repair and maintain the vessel (CARPENTERS). (As well as a PILOT, a GUIDE, a WEATHERWORKER, ENTERTAINMENT (x3), CLINIC (x3), CAPTAIN, 1st MATE, 2nd MATE, 3rd MATE, CABIN BOY, QUARTERMASTER.)

    There are currently 5 Unassigned Crewmen. The Koa-toa have also been in discussion with the Captain, and 3 of them are available for hire! (Please discuss terms of employment with Puulp the Koa-toa Priest if you wish to make use of any of their services). Then, decide which posts to prioritize by assigning CREW to each position. You obviously don’t have enough people on hand to fill all the open spots, so decide what’s most important for the Whispered Curse *NOW*. The opportunity to hire additional CREW will present itself in Chaff, most areas of civilization, and possibly even along your journey!

    These are the current Staffing Issues: NEEDED: DECKHANDS (x4), GUNNERS (x2), STRIKERS (x2), CARPENTERS (x2), COOKS (x2), CLINIC (x1), ENTERTAINMENT (x1), CABIN BOY (x1). Currently Unassigned Staff are: Zephyr, Baron Reynard, Jared, David, Aaron

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    Rax’s Ravagers and Killian (now with Whistler the Kenku in tow) are still posted up by the tied Wyvern, deep in argument about what to do with the thing. The Wyvern has had her head harness loosed, and is currently *SLORPING* down an entire chicken, much to Rax’s chagrin:

    “….an’ I’m saying, Rax the Reticient, that you don’t just *throw away* an opportunity like this when it lands five feet from where you sleep at night!”

    “Bah! Itsss foolissshnesssss!” The Rak’ta spits, waving around his good hand balled into a fist. “We have few enough crew assss it issss, zat you wissssh to feed zem to an enemy! For the lasss time, zis is not zoo! By za time you make a friend of zis…*JUNK-BAT*, we vill be dead in za water, or you vill have sssstarved ussss…”

    Killian catches eyes with Jack as he approaches, and gives him a wink. “Bullshit!” We just have to apply the right sort of tool for the job! Sure, my or your approach might be to break this girl, and we’d be at it until the Ship was going down. But, if we calmed her down…made her feel comfortable…let her know she was in good hands…?”

    Rax takes in Jack, and subtly glances sidelong at his hook. The Lizard bristles, but finally relents. “I mean…if Jack wissshes to feed piecesss of himssself to za creature, *I* certainly won’t sssstop him. But I’m warning you, Killian: a few dayssss, no more. After zat, I’ll have Michael put ssssomething in her food, and *DROP* her in za water in za middle of za night! I promisssse you!”

    Killian nods effusively, clasping his hands together in thanks. “If we don’t figure it out by then, Rax-my-man, I’ll help you roll her in me’self!” The Old Striker turns to Jack, a wide smile of wooden teeth eager to bring you on board. “Whaddya think, lad? Ye ever wanted to fly?”

    Jack, Killian saw your brief moment with the Wyvern last night and wonders if you might capitalize on that in an attempt to tame the creature. Is Jack interested? If yes, please make an Animal Handling Check. If you believe Rax is right, and the “Junk-Bat” is gonna be more trouble than its worth, you may also choose to decline


    Enemy Attacks, At-Sea Encounters, and Environmental Challenges provide an array of possibilities at Sea. Most of these situations would benefit from having an extra pair of eyes (or two) on the situation: which is exactly what Oak’s new “Mile-sight” ability, a potential Wyvern-Rider, or even an adventurous Mister Fusspot can provide. However, keep in mind that getting a good look is not necessarily everything, and each ability brings with it its own potential perils and pitfalls on use (Oak can misunderstand what he is seeing, and there is much magical illusion at work out here; Wyverns can be shot at and captured; Fusspot could be…even…well, let’s not think about that…)

    EDIT: There are also other forces out here on the waters with you: moving and operating elsewhere, though you may not actually see them until they're nearly upon you. Scouting will give you a greater opportunity to detect and track these other important vessels, possibly even before they detect you!

    Fiver the Lapine seems to have been deep in his bottles over the death of Aloysius last night. Clearly hungover, the Rabbit attempts to shield his eyes from the sun, coaxing in the handful of volunteers he was able to pull from the Gunners.

    Oak looks around, taking note of Calvin, and Blacktooth Bart, and Yis the Rak’ta. All strong, hardy types…but not builders or craftsman. None of the Dwarves were able to get here this morning (Erik was injured by being tossed about in the fighting last night, and Olaf has broken out in cold-sweats that won’t stop). Not for the first time, the Barbarian feels an awful *TUG* of tension in his stomach, as he considers that it’s really only himself, Jack, and the Tippling Lapine that are keeping everyone on board from falling into the drink.

    Well, deal the hand you’re dealt was what the Captain said, right? Hopefully, you can find some decent woodworkers in Chaff, at least someone who can hold a hammer. In the meantime…

    Oak, please make a Charisma Check to try to walk the not-very-handy-men through helping you repair the Main Mast. A Success will use less SUPPLIES and restore more HULL


    HULL is the Health of the Ship. Higher totals will allow it to take a beating before sustaining damage, or last longer in dangerous waters. Lower totals may begin disabling rooms, cutting into MORALE, and may eventually lead to the Ship being capsized or completely destroyed. DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!

    SUPPLIES are wood, nails, metal, barrels, planks, ropes, fishing line: anything and everything a Ship full of pirates would want on hand to run or fix up the place. Additional supplies can be recovered from wrecks, processed from islands, bought or traded for. Certain tasks out in the Wilderness or at Ports of Call (dreamt up by the DM or Wild Bunch) may also call for Supplies. Having Low/ Zero supplies will cut into/take away your ability to fix the Ship, and may lead to other issues during your journey

    mrpaku on
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    It feels good to be back on the Curse. Sure, she's bruised and battered (and parts of her are missing, but who is he to talk), but it feels right to have the wood beneath his feet and the sea breeze on his face! He'd just been shooed out of the galley by Michael after asking for one too many seconds and is still feeling hungry when his attention is drawn by the none-too-quiet Rax.

    Jack listens to the argument and looks at Killian, then the tied up beast, his eyes lighting up, "Fly? Like in the stories?" Oh, he's well and proper hooked, "Sure sure, let me see what I can do!"

    He walks around the beast, then sits on his haunches in front of it, watching it with perhaps less caution than the situation warrants. It's still there, that sense of... familiarity? He's not great with words, but he's felt it before, when they were followed by the wolves on the sinking island.

    The youth tilts forward, almost as if he wants to put his face against its, before realising his mistake and extending his left hand instead, eyes locked with the wyvern's.

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Not Losing A Hand

    ((OOC: Oh boo, I was hoping for a really low roll... :D ))

    Not Losing A Hand:
    1d20+1 12 [1d20=11]

    Glal on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    Baron Reynard greets you warmly as you come up to the Deck in the morning. The man’s affectations are gone: he has changed into a typical drab, leather suit of pirate garb, his eloquent mannerisms are slowly starting to fade off. Only that jaunty hat (the one with the feather sticking out) remains of the fictional gentleman you met on the docks of Far Aeston.

    “…Cardan Byrne, if you please!” your old friend requests, laughing. “Enough of the fancy-talk to last me a *LIFETIME*, but all the same, I can’t seem to quite shake it yet….heard you all had a hell of a couple days! Do you mind if I ask…”

    Cardan Byrne gets caught up, asking particularly about the Little Witch and what became of Mitchum. “…so, it’s done then.” The Half-Elf states plaining, clearing his throat and staring at something in the middle distance. “Well…that’s good, then. It doesn’t fix anything obviously, but…for Iquim, and of course Jennie. I think we can call it some measure of justice.” The man turns towards the Tiefling, eyes alight with memory. “I heard when she fell, you were able to find the Dragon’s Right Eye. May I…?”

    Cardan Byrne, Half-Elf, takes the unlit bauble carefully from Urixes, holding it up to the sunlight. He whistles, with the appreciation of a connoisseur. “…it’s identical. Inverted, of course…and the one *WE* saw was still lit…”

    He’s right, Urixes. You have a sudden vision of a fight…a pitched battle, between the survivors of the Sanguine Seeker. It was over the Dragon’s Left Eye. Iquim had turned on you all, was planning to use the item to *DESTROY* you. But Jennie Goldenmane stole the bauble from him, ran towards the cliff’s edge, and…

    “Hrrmp,” says Byrne, likely mulling the same memory as Urixes. “…I don’t know why this one isn’t lit, but I have to imagine there must be a way to put a fire to it once more. There are people in the Expanse, men and women of knowledge who may be able to activate its powers again. But if I were you, I would keep it hidden away: I can only imagine, if this was the Key to Faye’s plans, others will be looking for it as well!”

    Urixes, to learn more about the Dragon’s Right Eye (Unlit), you must bring it to "The Observatory", or to another expert on magical artifacts (should you happen to find someone). Be Careful: the item is invaluable, and will be sought by parties with intentions good and ill!

    In addition, please make a History Check…survivors of the Sanguine Seeker may still be out here in the Expanse. Do you know any of their last situations or locations?...

    Arno is called to meet with the Captain in the evening, as the sun is already beginning to go down. Rain still patters away on the sails above head as the Changeling makes their way there, to find Arabella and Zephyr pondering over a familiar Map. Captain Ari invites you in a hurry, Zephyr moving to discreetly shut the door behind you.

    “…been looking over this thing, trying to learn what Iron Mike and Marlowe were reading.” The Captain says. “I’m not gonna lie, I know a bit of magic, but this thing means fuck-all to me. An’ your friend here, well…”

    “I’m offended, Captain,” says Zephyr pleasantly, sounding just the opposite. “Just because I can no longer “see” doesn’t mean I am fully blind…especially not to a magical item such as this…”

    “But you can’t read it,” the Captain replies bluntly, tipping back a mug of ale.

    The Genasi shakes his head, still smiling. “No…I cannot read it in the way Iron Mike or Marlowe did. Their absence will be a loss to our understanding, there is no doubt. I cannot decipher the weather, or the location of magical rifts. I doubt I could so much as forsee a Maelstrom!”

    “Well, that’s real handy,” Arabella mumbles into her mug, wiping the foam from her top lip. “Okay, so what *CAN* you do?”

    The Genasi smiles, the Captain having walked into his trap. He takes his right arm and wraps it around the Changeling for a quick hug, laughing. “Well Captain, I can feel *THIS* one!”

    The Captain waits patiently. Zephyr continues. “….and I can feel their energy for Jack, who carries one of the Keys! Rax the Rak’ta has a similar energy…and, if I cast my consciousness about the Expanse, I can feel the very same, unique warmth in four other locations…” Zephyr reaches across the Map, pointing…
    Jack bears the Red-Skull Saber. Rax bears the White-Clawed Moon. The following four locations come alight upon the Map:


    -Pink Location: CANTLYN GARRISON

    -Purple Location: PLAYA DEL PERDIDO

    -Orange Location: UNDETERMINED (Somewhere within the Inner Ring)

    -Green Location: EMINENT GROVE

    Arno, please make an Arcana Check to touch the Map, and tell me: what is it you’re trying to learn from the magical parchment?



    Your current destination is the Pirate Island of Chaff, to the West. The Current ETA is 12-13 Days from now, which should give you just enough time to get there before your FOOD (24/50) stores run out and MORALE (37/50) begins to become an issue, barring outside occurrences. HULL (24/50) is serviceable but shouldn’t be headed into any battles, and SUPPLIES (17/50) are low but not gone.

    In real world terms, the Ship will creep one inch closer to its destination every day, losing or gaining half-an-inch based on Wind or other factors. Certain locations you discover along the way will make their way permanently onto the Main Map, and may be named by the discoverer or the Wild Bunch in general.

    One of the main purposes for the initial trip to Chaff (besides fixing up your HULL, hiring new CREW, taking a breather to increase MORALE, and buy FOOD and SUPPLIES) is to cash in the Governor’s Writ for FUNDS, which will impart a salary to all of yourselves and the CREW (+ a hefty bonus!), and provide a bit extra with which to fund the early parts of the journey. However, this money will eventually run low or out, which will lead to unhappy pirates and an inability to buy what you want/need. You’ll want to make sure to keep the Gold flowing, to keep up MORALE and keep your options open!

    mrpaku on
  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
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    The Wyvern leans forward, gives your hand a healthy, ferocious *S-N-I-F-F*...then, the creature *SNAPS*, it's jaw, brushing the tips of Jack's fingers! It's only the timely yank on the rope from Shin the Kitsune that keeps the Young Shifter from losing another chunk of hand. "Careful now, *WOAH*!" The Fox says, as the Wyvern struggles against the leash (and, at the edge of it's ropes, unintentionally rubs itself against Jack's outstretched hand...)

    Rax smirks at Jack and Killian. "It issss asss I said. Zis one will not be tamed... if you want to continue trying, I will leave it for a few dayssss. But, you will have to feed it yourself, yeah Old-Man?" Killian looks contrite, and agrees to the terms, promising to fish out the creature's meals and stop taking from the Ship's Hold...

    Let's call that a draw: Jack will get three more chances to impress the creature. If you haven't built a rapport with it three days from now, Rax will be sending it to "the farm upstate"

    mrpaku on
  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    Geth roll 1d20-1 for arcana

    Arno has been worrying about the nature gods and their interest in this quest, particular Malar and it's possible connection to Jack. But there is a goddess of stars and navigation that might be able to help. Arno hopes to feel out where the Gods are most active in order to better plot a course, though not sure yet if I'll head straight into the issue or try to avoid it for a bit.

    1d20-1 4 [1d20=5]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited September 2021
    The impressions your magical senses get are jumbled and confusing. It's mostly a series of unrelated visuals: a Giant Lighthouse, shining a beacon of Holy Light. The moon, waxing and waning. A gentle, restorative breeze, clearing the night clouds. Soon, the feeling is all gone, and the Changeling simply holds a piece of aged, scribbled parchment

    mrpaku on
  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    Oak hadn't quite processed Aloysius's death, the Shifter had been adapting to being back on the ship and various newfound insights he had experienced, but when he saw Fiver in the morning, the pit in his stomach grew. He had to clench his jaw for a moment, remind himself that now wasn't the time nor place to deal with this, and focus up on the task at hand.

    The recruits in front of him were strong enough, but strength didn't equate into craftsmanship. Swing the hammer as hard as you want but if you don't know where and when to swing it, you're just making a mess. Oak needed to train this group somehow, to at least make the most basic repairs, and he would try to cover as much of the critical work as he could.

    "Right then. 'Preciate the help. Our goal is to patch up the mess best we can. Jack, Fiver, and myself will point you in the right place, lead ya best we can, but take your time. Won't do to rush through this and end up with more holes than we started with."

    Geth, roll 1d20+1 for Charisma

    1d20+1 9 [1d20=8]

  • SleepSleep Registered User regular

    Hey I've been in a bit of a hectic time recently with some IRL stuff, but I still try and plow through here when I can. Y'all are really killin it in here. I'm definitely down to keep on the crew as a guest spot when I can. Hopefully real life calms down a little in a month or two and I can try to make a few more appearances. Especially after we get into chaff and get these food stores built up beyond the basics we've been on to push through the maw.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    "I'm surprised to see you back to your old self," Urixes says to Cardan, "I hardly recognized you with all of that finery. Of course, back then I didn't recognize myself either." He joins Cardan in staring out at the sea, discussing the events of the Maw and piecing memories back together of past crew...

    Geth, roll 1d20+2 for History Check

    History Check:
    1d20+2 21 [1d20=19]

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    This group has never learned the phrase “Measure twice, cut once”. Along with several others. Bart, at least, has held a hammer before, but Calvin’s strength ends up being more hindrance than help when he *SNAPS* one of the large logs in half on accident, and Yis seems to only learn the basics through painstaking, hand-holding repetition.

    Fiver has passed out inside one of the Longboats some hours ago. It takes nearly until Sunset, but the job is eventually, mostly completed. Oak goes to lean against the Mast to test its weight: the thing gives a sickening, heart-stopping *CREAK* as it bends forward under your weight…but it eventually stops, and holds. Oak wipes a sweaty arm across his forehead: it *SHOULD* work for the short-term, but this Ship will need professional care, and soon. Chaff can’t come quickly enough to patch up the Poor Ol’ Girl…

    HULL has increased to 27/50! SUPPLIES have decreased to 12/50!


    The Survivors of the Sanguine Seeker, and their last known whereabouts:
    Governor Mitchum- Beaten to a bloody pulp and buried under several tons of rock at the Grey Maw

    Cardan Byrne- Done pretending; returned to the honest, hard labor of life aboard the Whispered Curse

    Queen of Chaff- Used to be the most ruthless “woman” you’d ever met, but at some point in the last twenty years reformed and took over leadership of the Pirate Capital Chaff. The two of you were never “close”, but she has no real reason to hate you either (a rarity, among people you used to know), and she would be absolutely thrilled to see Cardan, or hear that the Little Witch or Mitchum have been killed. Of course, she’d be the *first* person to remind you that you still shouldn’t trust her…

    Iquim- The wizard who went *mad* with thoughts of the Dream Skull (with a little push from the She-Witch Faye), and tried to kill you, and everyone else from the Seeker. The man was obsessed: *if* he’s still alive, which is doubtful, Urixes strongly suspects he would still be within the Central Isles of “The Teeth”, looking for the missing Left Eye of the Dragon within the endless ocean waters…

    Jennie Goldenmane- …you met poor Jennie only once more upon this ocean, shortly before you died last time. She was aboard a crudely made Raft, just getting by out on the open water. She didn’t remember you, or what had happened….she didn’t even remember herself, the girl had quite lost her mind. Urixes wasn’t able to do anything for her at the time: he lost her shortly afterwards, and then…If she is still alive out here, Urixes somehow doubts twenty years has done much to restore the sweet soul’s lost sanity

    Crolthear Ogissa- Crolthear threw down her blade and shield and left the survivors of the Sanguine Seeker in disgust, never once looking back. She promised to spend the rest of his life out here in the Expanse, righting the wrongs your crew had committed against lizard-kind. There is no doubt in Urixes’s mind the Dragonborn kept her promise. He would likely run into her anywhere Rak’ta or Chameleons gather. If she saw you and knew who you were? She’d probably want you dead: that *was* the last thing she said to you, after all…

    OOC: Simply waiting for Staffing Assignments to be made (OOC is fine!) before moving forward! Any questions about Staffing, New Systems, the Map, or anything else, feel free to OOC in thread or in PM. Gonna make tomorrow’s rolls ahead of time so we’re ready to go!

    Geth roll 3d20 “Day 35- Wind/Weather/Location”

    Geth roll 3d6 “Day 35- Events”

    Day 35- Wind/Weather/Location:
    3d20 35 [3d20=19, 15, 1]
    Day 35- Events:
    3d6 12 [3d6=1, 6, 5]

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC: Going to want to pick up some real carpenters in Chaff, this unskilled lot is going to be rough if we are relying on my Charisma.

    I'd suggest this for staffing: Cook, Striker, Clinic and either dump rest as deckhand or 1 gunner in there.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    OOC: So I've got:

    DECKHANDS (3/5)- +Cardan Byrne, +Sorcerer Aaron

    STRIKERS (3/5)- +Ranger Jared

    COOKS (2/3)- +Zephyr

    CLINIC (2/3)- +Paladin David

    Does that work (Jobs not fully filled anywhere; but no major staffing shortages anywhere particular, leading to only minor penalties) ? There are also the three potential hires from Puulp and the Koa-toa, if you're interested/trust them aboard the Ship. The first will go for a song (since the Koa-toa Priest feels he owes it to Urixes), but he'll charge a hefty sum for the larger two: 500gp (since he knows your group is desperate for the help)

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC: I'd like other opinions on assignment but yeah my general goal was no major penalties to anything.

    Urixes should definitely recruit. Oak is going to hoard his money for Chaff though and try to fund as much as he can for more Carpenters and supplies.

  • mrpakumrpaku MichiganRegistered User regular
    edited September 2021
    OOC: Turning in the Governor's Writ in Chaff is gonna net everyone (NPCs and yourselves, for the entire Ship) hazard pay and a hefty bonus. On top of that, Captain Arabella has enough FUNDS in the Common Treasury to cover a full HULL recovery, full SUPPLIES and FOOD, and everyone's salaries up to the present point, (and for roughly another month afterwards). There will be some of the Common Treasury left over for you guys to spend on CREW and Upgrades to the Ship, at your discretion (you won't be able to purchase every Upgrade you may want, or even most of them, and higher quality/more specialized CREW may charge higher prices!)

    There will also be blacksmiths, rare items dealers, armorers, tailors, general merchandise, healers, and everything else you could want to spend money on for your PC in Chaff. Putting personal FUNDS towards the Ship is appreciated, but don't leave yourself wanting!

    mrpaku on
  • GlalGlal Registered User regular
    ((OOC: So it sound like, as long we don't wreck the ship on the way there, we should be in good shape once we hit Chaff (though after is another matter)? In that case, might be best to just cover up the holes as best we can until then and once we arrive and know what we're working with figure out the details from there ))

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    OOC: I'd move Jared to carpenter instead of striker. We need to keep the boat together more than we need a harpoon thrown.

  • zekebeauzekebeau Registered User regular
    OOC: also 100% get some fishy interns for riggers and a carpenter.

  • DenadaDenada Registered User regular
    (( Yeah Urixes is down to fish for some more help. I haven't been doing a great job of tracking my gold but I think I might have enough to cover their salaries out of pocket? Urixes is finding himself being somewhat ascetic this cycle so I don't think there's much he'll want to shop for once we're in port.

    My thoughts are that a deckhand and/or carpenter that can breath water would probably be very handy, and having a Koa-toa as a guide would also be useful out here. So my vote would be +1 deckhand, +1 carpenter, +1 guide. How does that sound to everyone? ))

  • AustinP0027AustinP0027 Registered User regular
    OOC: Let's try to get the three Koa-toa and break them out like Denada says, and keep Jared at Striker. Striker is what gets our food, so don't want to leave that lacking and end up dragging into port with no morale

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