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Sizing on the Varsity Jacket

vglockwoodvglockwood Registered User new member
I would like to order a varsity jacket but don't understand the sizing chart. I thought I'd be a large but I don't know how to measure 25-26 ... what? How do I measure 1 inch below my armhole when laid flat? What does that mean? If someone has one of these, can you shed some light. I tried emailing the merch address for questions but there has been no response so I thought I'd try here. Thanks!


  • [email protected] WisconsinRegistered User regular
    Lay a favorite jacket on the floor to measure it and compare it to the Varsity jacket measurements.

  • vglockwoodvglockwood Registered User new member
    Has anyone purchased one of these jackets? The measurements seem so vague.

  • CrazyCoolCollectorCrazyCoolCollector Registered User new member
    Based on size chart, LARGE measures 25" to 26" inches if you lay the jacket flat and measure from left armpit to right armpit. There is 1" inch size difference because the jacket is made from stretchy fabric.

    I bought a LARGE Pax South varsity jacket and the actual size is 24" to 25" inches if stretched. That translates to 48" to 50" inch circumference.

    Keep in mind, jacket does not have a liner.

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