Download Comic link - unknown file type saved

DaimarDaimar A Million Feet Tall of AwesomeRegistered User regular
More of a site issue than a forum one. I am logged into the main site, have a patreon membership so am allowed to download a copy of the strips, but when I save it the default windows photo viewer or paint do not recognize the .jpg file as a graphics file. The photos app shows a message "It appears that we don't support this file format." and paint says "Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported.". The files saved are all 48 or 49KB files so appear to be too small to be a good resolution graphics file.

I can copy the image and paste it into Paint just fine, but saving off the site doesn't work for me.

I can save image on the regular comic as displayed but it is chopped up into individual frames now, and those ones display fine in photo viewer and Paint.

Are the download comic files a different format than .jpg or is the site just not serving up graphics files for some reason?

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