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PAX West 2023: September 1-4, Registration Opens May 31

ASimPersonASimPerson Cold...and hard.Registered User regular
edited May 2023 in PAX West

PAX West returns to the Seattle Convention Center this September 1-4. Badges go on sale May 31st— Mark your calendars! Learn more at

In addition, Nintendo Live 2023 is taking place at the Seattle Convention Center alongside PAX West! PAX West badge holders will have a chance to register to attend Nintendo Live through a promotion during the checkout process. More information at

Note that PAX West will be taking place in the new Seattle Convention Center building called Summit. For PAX veterans, the new building is located across the street from the Paramount. This will likely change the hotel calculus, as the Hyatt Regency is now the closest hotel. Nintendo Live will be in the old building, though of course we don't know yet how much of they'll actually be using. (I'm also not personally sure the entirety of PAX will be in the new building or spread across the old and new buildings, or if any theaters or other content will be in hotels.)

Badge prices are $260 for the 4-day, $71 for a day pass, and $55.25 for the BYOC add-on.

If you're worried about badges selling out, well, it's not like it used to be, though it's getting there. East saw sellouts on Saturday and Sunday, and these are also traditionally the busiest days of West (especially Saturday).

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    lougvlougv Registered User regular
    Woohoo! Exciting!

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    krae_mankrae_man Registered User regular
    Nintendo Live is enough to get me to come back for the first time since *checks pile of badges* 2017. I forgot how expensive flights and hotels to Seattle are. Hopefully the PAX hotels aren't that pricey.

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    japerryjaperry Registered User regular
    Oof, thats a ~$160 increase for 2 people between 2022 and 2023. (We had the 2022 discount). I doubt the price will ever come back down, but compared to other events, PAX has become out of reach for some of our members... at least for 4 days+BYOC. We do plan to come for 1 day though.

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    bacon_avengerbacon_avenger Defender of Pork Products Pacific NW, USARegistered User regular
    Ouch indeed, that price increase. At least reedpop didn't seem to try to stuff the final total with a bunch of junk fees. I thought the 'Admission Tax' was one at first, but a quick search reveals it's a Seattle/Washington thing.

    Slightly annoying to pay sales tax as I'm in a state where it's not a thing, but as it's less than three USD, I'm not that fussed about it (unless it is a junk fee attempt).

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    every day's greatevery day's great Registered User regular
    edited June 2023
    Sony, Microsoft and (now) Nintendo pulling out of PAX West proper may have nerfed the Expo side of PAX, but it has definitely made it easier to get badges before they sell out. Indie PAX is still fun even if it's not the glory days of pre-pandemic PAX. I still hope that Square Enix will be back, even though their biggest-name game (Final Fantasy 16) of the year will already be out.

    Ideally some people coming to Nintendo Live will also be inspired to check out PAX.

    every day's great on
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    every day's greatevery day's great Registered User regular
    I wonder if PAX Dev will ever return?

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    PavioPavio Registered User regular
    There's a part of me that's hoping that with E3 not existing anymore that more companies would be inclined to join PAX, but I wonder if the reality is that these AAA companies just aren't interested in coming anymore.

    And I wonder if that's partly due to the state games seem to be launching in lately. Aside from the launch of Diablo 4, which people are praising as great (myself included) even though it really should just be the norm that when you launch a game it works, most of these games would get thrashed if people played them months early at PAX and saw how bad of a state these games were in. It's very different from the glory days of PAX expo halls.

    I still love a lot of the other content, but getting more AAA back would go a long way to helping the show still though.

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    strttrknstrttrkn Registered User regular
    Is there any way to pre-purchase parking at the new location?

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    Moridin889Moridin889 Registered User regular
    strttrkn wrote: »
    Is there any way to pre-purchase parking at the new location?

    Looks like they have monthly parking available at their website? That might be it

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