9 Free Passes (3x Fri, Sat, Sun)

RemisceRemisce Registered User regular
edited September 2023 in PAX West
My wife and I tested positive for Covid this morning, though I am asymptomatic. Just looking to give these to someone who could use them and take advantage of the wonderful weekend. Must be willing to come pick them up from me in Bellevue (I will be masked, you should be too).

zerzhul on


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    EndlessNinjaFuryEndlessNinjaFury Registered User new member
    Hi, Can I take you up on one set of passes? I can stop by after work today if a set is still available

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    samsy54@hotmail.comsamsy54@hotmail.com Registered User new member
    I would like them!

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    cursecurse Bellevue, WARegistered User regular
    If you have a Fri and Sun available, would be interested, I am also in Bellevue.

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    RemisceRemisce Registered User regular
    Passes were given out to Endless, Samsy and someone else on a different message board. Thanks all.

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