The "Army is coming to teh PAX!" rant.

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Ok, first off. Why even invite the Army in 'support' of the America's Army game when they aren't even compliant with Section 508?

For those who aren't familiar what the HELL S. 508 is, it's a Federal Law requiring all governmental media to be accessible to all aspects of the public. This includes, yes, America's Army. Back in the olden days of AA, I remember there was a Section 508 patch for the game, thereby adding Subtitling and captions to allow people like myself to know what in the living FUCK was going on in those classrooms for Training.

But now, recent versions have blatantly disregarded this law. And for that, I felt compelled to post about this. This is in no way aimed at PAX itself, but at the Army's lack of intelligence to be more "public friendly".

Let's take the recent incident in Seattle about a young man named Axel who just turned 17 for example. Within the same day they cut his birthday cake, the family was harassed by Army Recruiters for several months before being whisked away from his home when his parents were out for the night guessed it, a pair of Army Recruiters. Talk about desperate.

Considering the recruitment numbers have been slipping, I can understand their persistence, but this was going too far.

They had him stay at a Motel, woke him in the wee hours of the morning and fed him a little something before shoving him up the proverbial horse's ass that is called "Army Testing". He then was given some paperwork to sign that he was not even given the chance to read thoroughly.

The next morning, his family finds him missing and immediately suspect the Recruiters. They march down to the Seattle office. The mother's daughter spots Axel being taken down the hallway to another room, and thus...the Recruiters were busted, despite the dude at the front desk denying any knowledge of Axel's whereabouts.

The case is now a pending lawsuit against the USMC, last I heard.

This incident alone, is enough to foster my distrust for the U.S. Military even though I am not eligible for recruitment.

Why should I show up at PAX, see the Army chaps, and give them a smile and hello, when I should be doing Axel and the Section 508 law a favor and giving them a cheap shot to the family jewels?

That is all I have to say for now.

Thank you, and good night.

P.S. Robert, we need to still talk about the PAX accessibility for the Deaf. I've tried to contact you via my Sean_D email address, but you haven't responded.

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    Oh yea forget thousands upon thousands who have died for your freedom, wash away all respect for the millitary because of two stupid ass recruiters. I durst not believe that one sided story at all. The army recruiters cant FORCE you to join. You wrote it as if they kidnapped him. If the kid was actually thinking of joining then thats a whole different story. And they're not going to spend that much time and energy on one single person. (Taking him to a motel?) yea right, i dont believe this shit.

    Lock please before i get madder.

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    granted there's another thread on this and this isnt really the forum but... army recuiters have gotten overzealous. I remember the used to call my house every day to try and get the girl who was living with my family to join.

    and no they can't force you to join, but they can wear you down or confuse you or make real sweet deals

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    Exactly. They are trying to skirt the law, to me it felt like kidnapping in this particular case, even though it wasn't. It was overzealousness, and it got them into hot water.

    I don't even remember WHY the hell we even went to war in the first place.

    Even if we voted a Democrat into office in the first place, probably Kerry or Al Gore, we wouldn't be seeing such a massive budget deficit (bigger than when Bill Clinton took office.). And we would have probably still gone to war against Afghanistan (that's for sure), but Iraq? We dropped afghanistan like a bad habit and moved on to Iraq almost immediately. Can we say, bad decision? But either way I'm not here to discuss the politics of the war, I brought this thread up to express my dissatisfaction with the U.S. Military, especially with their work in the public/civilian sector (recruiting, America's Army game).

    Hello? Section 508? It seems that people have missed the point: America's Army is not a privately funded game - it comes from our TAX DOLLAR. And if I'm going to be paying my taxes to see this game become a reality, it'd BETTER have captions/subtitles in the training sections, especially!

    Either way, I'm not going to be giving those Army boys my personal respect, because they haven't earned it.

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    oh god

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    duhhhh i like spaghetti-o's lolz
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    futility wrote:
    there's another thread on this and this isnt really the forum

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