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Eee PC: anyone have one?



  • LightRiderLightRider __BANNED USERS regular
    edited June 2009
    My friend bought a 1000. It worked for 1 month beyond warranty period and then SSD failed. He left it in a the car on a hot day though, so I guess that caused to fail due to overheating. Sucks though, it was a nice little machine. Terribly slow though.

    LightRider on
  • Hardleft_335Hardleft_335 Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    Turns out they bought a U100, so I will be upgrading both. Thanks for the help!

    Hardleft_335 on
  • Moe FwackyMoe Fwacky Right Here, Right Now Drives a BuickModerator mod
    edited June 2009
    This thread is getting long in the tooth and has a paltry OP (from a year and a half ago at that), if anybody wants to create a new EEE thread with a better OP, PM me and I'll lock this one.

    Moe Fwacky on

  • GPIA7RGPIA7R Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    If I were creative enough and had the time, I'd get right on that. Should be more generalized, though, and just be an all-around "Netbook" thread.

    GPIA7R on
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