Star-crossed Rockband controllers

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We like rockband. I have the 360 version. She has the wii version.

Can I bring my 360 wired-version guitar to her place and use it on the wii?

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    I'm going to say that's a big negative, Ghost Rider. I've tried a PS3 wired controller controller in a 360, no joy. Even though they're both USB, and have all the same buttons more or less, I think there's more going on under the hood that prevents them from working cross-platform. I haven't tried a 360 controller with a Wii (I have a Wii, but don't have Rock Band for that system), but I'd say it's highly likely there's no cross-console compatibility with these things.

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    All wireless 360 peripherals use proprietary hardware. This is why Guitar Hero and Rock Band controllers for the 360 are compatible with either game, but PS3 guitars are not.

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    I can confirm that a wired Guitar Hero 360 controller does not work with Rock Band on Wii, if that helps.

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