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Lost: M3 Card

SpiraUnitedSpiraUnited Registered User regular
edited September 2008 in PAX Archive
I took my M3 out of my DS to run pictochat, and forgot that it was on my lap when I stood up. After realizing I had dropped it about 20 minutes later, I ran back to where I had been, but it wasn't there. I was sitting by the glass vase on the second floor, in the handheld lounge. Anyway, I checked at the help desk and the handheld lounge desk, and it didn't turn up as of 5PM on Sunday. According to the people sitting there when I got back, someone found it and said they were going to return it to the lost and found before vacating and giving them the bean bags in that spot. I doubt he/she did, but if anyone has any info or perhaps even found it, please PM me!!

Secondly, I know that these devices are often used for piracy, so I'm hoping my thread isn't deleted because of this. I use it for homebrew applications, and you will know it's mine if you start it up and it has a SomethingAwful grenade and an awesome smiley as the wallpaper.

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    babelfishbabelfish Registered User regular
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    You put an M3 in your DS?

    Give me some of that magic.

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