Ep. 1 ever going to drop in price on XBLA?

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I had gotten all excited when the guys mentioned that the price of Episode 1 was going to drop. I unfortunately assumed that this meant the price would drop on XBLA as well, but I keep checking and it is still 1600 points, which Ep. 2 is only 1200. I could buy it for cheaper on PS3, I guess, but then if I finish and love it, I have to wait for Ep. 2 to come out later instead of just being able to get it right after.

I wonder if they even have the ability to get MS to drop the price from 1600 to 1200 now.

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    Microsoft controls all the pricing on the marketplace. That is why you see 360 owners having to pay for content that PC owners get for free (Example: Valve gives us free class updates on the PC version of Team Fortress 2 but even though they want to give it away for free to console players Microsoft says that they have to charge for it.)

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