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I read all the rules, sticky threads, trying to avoid asking a question that's already been asked. So I apologize if I missed something and look like an asshole... :(

ETA on PA:Ep2 for PS3? Ep1 came out recently and I loved it (I don't own an x360, and lets not talk about the disaster that my comp has become).

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I hear PC gaming is huge off the coast of Somalia right now.

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    Sorry, but it's been asked at least once before.

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    We expect Episode 2 for PS3 will be out this year. Of course as has been mentioned before, this may be constrained by Sony's process, but we are doing our best to get it out as soon as possible.

    I don't believe the status has been upgraded to anything more concrete. Basically, we'll get it when we do, and we'll love it. :lol:

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    Note that that was posted before the game-halting bug was found, which may delay things a bit.

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