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Need some help

sh8k3zu1ash8k3zu1a Registered User
edited February 2009 in PAX Archive
So, I need some help with registration.

I am USAF stationed in Korea, and I want to pre-register. The problem is that my address is an APO and there is no option for that in the shipping.

Although I could have my badge sent home, that still leaves another problem, the credit card address.

The registration form does not offer a way for me to correctly enter my address, so my card fails the address check.

If it is possible for whoever is in charge of that to allow APO as city and AP as state that would be great.

Otherwise it looks like i will have to have a friend in america buy me a badge and give it to me at the expo.

Please look into this,
Thank You

sh8k3zu1a on


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