Still no sign of Ep.1 on PS3 in Belgium

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ThreeSpeech announced on January 23 the game's release in Europe on the PSN:


The game is also announced on the Playstation websites for Belgium as released on January 22:


.... Even though they mention that you get to follow Gabe and "Psycho" on an adventure...

With all these testimonials of the game being released, why isn't it available on the Playstation Store for Belgium? What's up with that?

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    Inzoum wrote: »
    Gabe and "Psycho"


    All the advice I can give is that it's definitely on the UK store. It's under PS3 Games > RPG > Precipice of Darkness: Episode One (Full Game).

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    Well, it seems Penny Arcade Adventure has reached our part of Europe last Thursday! Yay!

    Not only that, but we got the 2 first episodes straight away, with the first one being on discount :)

    That's a nice surprise for having waited so long!

    I guess this topic's over and done now.

    Thanks for making such a fun game!

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