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Japan is strange, but cool (pic heavy op)

IloveslimesIloveslimes Everett, WARegistered User regular
edited May 2009 in Singularity Engine++
We talk about Japan a lot here, but mostly it's the same disturbing shit every time. I thought I could share some of the cool and sometimes weird shit that I found in the two years I lived there. All of these pictures are my own.

I'm moving to Japan again in less than two weeks, so I thought this could be a fun thread.

From an island off the town of Gamagori.

"Floating torii" of Miyajima

Japan has many awesome festivals.

This one was in Kyoto and involved a huge bonfire. It was really hot from where I took these pictures.


The Sea Bream Festival had groups of fishermen making giant fish floats that would be sent out to sea for a good harvest.


I loved the smoking fish.

And the penis festival. This was awesome and a lot like posting here.

Lastly, some random fucked up stuff.
Creepy bus.

Uncle Meat

Poor little baby crabs as snack food.

Anatomically correct mannequins. Please let me know if this one is nsfw.

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