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Transformers: The Movie (The Sequel): The Games



  • The Dude With HerpesThe Dude With Herpes Lehi, UTRegistered User regular
    edited June 2009
    Different code but yeah.

    BTW, if you want achievements and unlocks don't do any codes other than Prime/Megs, the rest will turn stuff off.

    Also, Ironhide is the worst in single player. His weapons are extremely short range (though strong I suppose), he's slow, and doesn't really do much more damage than Ratchet, and not even close to as much as prime; he's stronger than bumblebee but BB's lockon makes him better than damn near everyone.

    I just finished the Autobot campaign. Not bad, fairly short, only took a few hours all together; though I probably could have done it faster if I didn't go back and get the extra stages.

    Getting platinums on all the stages is going to be brutal.

    EDIT: I just wanted to say that I wish one of the stages was simply a raceway. That'd be a cool MP mode IMO.

    The Dude With Herpes on
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  • DocshiftyDocshifty Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    Ya know what's fun? Climbing halfway up a building as one of the smaller bots and waiting for someone to come racing under you.

    Docshifty on
  • Spiffy MageSpiffy Mage Registered User regular
    edited June 2009
    For a movie tie-in game, its surprisingly fun. Short though, the campaign for the autobots was about as long as the movie.
    I was disapointed that the G1 unlock for StarScream was just the paint, not a G1 model D:

    Spiffy Mage on
  • WingedWeaselWingedWeasel Registered User regular
    edited July 2009
    I don't believe this really counts as a necro since the thread isn't that old, but it sure as hell fell off the first page into the abyss.

    Anyway, I have to say this game is entertaining and my friends and I had more than a few "that's fucking awesome" moments from it. Not positive if it's $60 of awesome for those that aren't die-hard fans though.

    What game modes are people playing (if at all) online? I have had a pretty large number of 2v2's rather than full 4v4's which could be blamed on a variety of factors.

    WingedWeasel on
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