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For those who haven't purchased episode one or two

TeburninatorTeburninator Registered User regular
edited September 2009 in Penny Arcade Games
WHAT ART THOU WAITING FOR!? But seriously, the Xbox versions of the game are on sale right now so if you've been thinking of picking it up and you have an xbox, NOW IS THE TIME!

Teburninator on


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    thejtrainthejtrain Registered User new member
    edited September 2009
    This is the part where those of us who purchased it for PC or Linux or Mac via Steam or Greenhouse and would like to utilize our previously-leveled characters ask if there are plans to offer the same special on those platforms, or if this is an XBLA-only promotion.

    If so, allow me to politely decry the ever-more-pervasive console bias in modern gaming.

    thejtrain on
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    toriantorian Registered User regular
    edited September 2009
    just so you know nancy the game is download only, there is no physical copy and therefore no shipping. Also the offer from this post expired two weeks ago.

    torian on
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