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PAX Traditions ?



  • MordegaldMordegald Registered User regular
    I've got two PAX East traditions, both on the last day. First, at no fixed time except, "when it feels right," I head up to one of the skybridges with my phone and get panoramic pics of the whole convention floor. Then later, on my way out of the convention center (when it closes and not one minute before), I put in my earbuds and listen to Closing Time by Semisonic. If I happen to be missing my earbuds, I'll just hum it to myself as I move through the crowds.

    I can be a bit of an emotional cornball sometimes, it's true. It may only be three days a year, but PAX gives me a very unique sense of being home. It only feels right to give it at least a modest sendoff.

  • kelseycadaverkelseycadaver Registered User regular
    Every year I stay with my friend at his parents house, and every year his mom makes amazing Italian food. I think I'd call that a tradition

  • jayh0vajayh0va Registered User regular
    edited April 2016
    My Traditions?

    Take one of these:

    Make one of these:

    jayh0va on
  • TopherRocksTopherRocks Rockstar Beard Grower Kent, OH or Long Island, NYRegistered User regular
    Ok so my only REAL tradition is to have one pax east challenge coin for my roommates and occasionally, I'll get an extra for new friends I'll be making at the show.

  • PugglesPuggles Registered User regular
    Does day drinking 4 days in a row count?

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