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[Mystery Science Theater 3000] Season 12: The Gauntlet!



  • TexiKenTexiKen open the door Registered User regular
    I will say the best part of this new MST3K so far was the script doctor song for The Day Time Ended.

  • Warlock82Warlock82 Never pet a burning dog Registered User regular
    edited December 2018
    Finished them all. I very much liked Ator. That was my favorite kind of movie cheese. I will say I think this seasons' movies were on a whole weaker than last season's, but then last season had twice as many episodes and a couple were kind of the same level as this season's stuff, so maybe it's not fair to compare. Mac & Me was gold tho. Star Crash from last season is still my absolute favorite though.

    Warlock82 on
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  • TofystedethTofystedeth veni, veneri, vamoosi Registered User regular
    TexiKen wrote: »
    I will say the best part of this new MST3K so far was the script doctor song for The Day Time Ended.

    Yeah it was real good.

  • dresdenphiledresdenphile Watch out for snakes!Registered User regular
    edited April 15
    dresdenphile on
  • No-QuarterNo-Quarter Nothing to Fear But Fear ItselfRegistered User regular

  • joshofalltradesjoshofalltrades 地獄のようにかわいい あなたは嫉妬深いかRegistered User regular
    That’s great and all, how about some info on a new season?

  • NaphtaliNaphtali Null Registered User regular
    That’s great and all, how about some info on a new season?

    Now we begin the true gauntlet. Naphtali#1830 | Steam | Nintendo ID: Naphtali | PSN: EI-Naphtali | Wish List
  • EntaruEntaru Goddess with a blade Registered User regular
    No-Quarter wrote: »

    Too soon. . .
    It's never too soon.

    Mostly just huntin' monsters.
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  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Chantry of NightmaresRegistered User regular
    Well, good morning. Welcome to the new scenario. What should we do today?
  • UselesswarriorUselesswarrior Registered User regular
    Veevee wrote: »
    No-Quarter wrote: »
    No-Quarter wrote: »
    For me it's a tie between Mac and Me and The Day Time Stopped for the worst movies.

    The former is a ridiculous mess, and the latter is nearly incomprehensible.

    Can anyone even tell me what actually occurs in that movie? The "Concepts!" song the bots sing was pretty spot on.

    As far as I could tell someone found a really torn up first draft of Close Encounters and filmed that without trying to put it back together.

    I was actually trying to parse out the film today, and it really does feel like someone had multiple and vastly different scripts for the same alien movie and instead of picking one, they just took bits and pieces from all of them and stitched them together into some hideous progeny.
    I STILL dont know what the deal was with the evil robot/Betamax player (lawl). It was obviously antagonistic,
    but it doesn't really go anywhere. So many plot threads either start and go no where or come screaming out of left field

    I think that's part of the cultural consciousness of the time. The whole alien abduction, visitation, and travel was all the rage throughout the 1970s, in some ways mirroring the seance and spiritualist movements of a century before. So I feel like a lot of the choppiness in the story is simply because we don't possess the zeitgeist and thus cannot translate all the shorthand the movie uses. Look at, say, Indonesian horror films. To us those things are a mess of conflicting weirdness, but to their makers who inherited the basis of those stories, they make perfect sense. I feel like something like that is at play in that one.

    Which is not to say it's not still completely nonsensical. It's that a small part of that nonsense isn't.

    Google says the movies original runtime is 80 minutes, while that episode of MST3K is 82 minutes long. To fit the movie into their time constraints MST3K probably chopped a scene or two that might have helped make the story a little more understandable.

    Yeah but who is ever going to watch that version of the movie?

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