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Time can be rewritten. So can thread titles.

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Doctor Who!

The KLF wrote a song about it

(They also set fire to 1 million pounds cash but that's another story)

The Doctor!

That's the name of the character. Only the show is called Doctor Who. People make that mistake a lot, sometimes even the people who make the show! Don't be one of those people!

He's been played by eleven guys now


twelve if you count Peter Cushing


(Hint: We do not count Peter Cushing)

The Doctor travels through time and space in his Mk. 40 TARDIS, righting wrongs and saving planets, not with guns or fists but with his brain!

He is invariably accompanied by an able assistant, someone with an open mind (though not too open) who can think on their feet and rein him in when he's about to go too far. (Fatties and uggos need not apply.)

Doctor Who is currently in its 31st season, or fifth if you count from the 2005 reboot (and aren't a total anorak). Matt Smith is doing a bang-up job as the Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillian is a right fit assistant as Amy Pond, and I'm going to bed because it's nearly 2:30am.

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