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When Minecraft goes Beta, the price is going to double. If you are considering purchasing the game, do so now! Beta happens when health is fixed which is in just a few days!

PM us for the server IP!
Some of us have gotten into the habit of chatting in Vent.
Port: 3860
Password fortytwo

If you have something on that map you want kept, tell us and we will copy it over. People have done a lot of work on the map we are currently running, so no one wants to go back.

Though boats and minecarts do kind of work, they are still pretty buggy. They won't load up chunks when you use them, so you eventually have to get out or get stuck in the void, and they don't go away. So don't get too excited about using them quite yet. I however will not stop you from planning things out and laying down track, just don't get excited and build 6 Flags.

Something to also keep in mind, Notch did a lot on the Halloween update that kind of made our lives difficult. He fixed some bugs but introduced others. I'm doing all I can to fix what problems we have but for now just know that things are a little fickle right now.


"Oh my god how do I do that?"

Well, you go to and you can try the game out for free!
Not the full game of course, just creative mode. The game costs 9 Euro dollars, which is roughly 13 US dollars when I last checked.

Which of course is where the [strike]addiction[/strike]fun starts!

"Wait what is this exactly?"

It's a sandbox game, where you build stupidly ridiculous crap like that, mine forever, fight monsters and build a little home for yourself. There is multiplayer survival*, single player survival and creative mode. The Enterprise was made in creative mode. Keep in mind that this game is not finished, it's currently in Alpha still. If you want news on development you can check out Notch's Blog, the guy who made this. Music is done by C418.

Also do yourself a favor and don't try this game out during finals week.
I'm not kidding around don't fucking do it. D:

He tries to set up updates every Friday, but lately he's been trying to start his own business. I'll put in news from the blog in the spoiler below:

As with all things you wanna be sure what you're hearing is also correct right? Some guys got together and made a thread where they gather information that they know and can reference as to plans Notch has up, so if you hear something crazy and you ain't sure, here's a good resource for you!

"Oh man this is awesome but how do I play?"

You punch trees. If it doesn't work just hold down the mouse button. You then turn the logs into planks. Which gets turned to a crafting table, and you can also turn them into sticks. And then it kinda spirals out of control. If you need help crafting, go here. Don't feel bad if you don't understand how to play the game, there's no real tutorial. If you don't know what something is, look here.

Here's the basics you will need to know for your first day and night.


It's a mob! There are all kinds here and some of them are more useful than others.

Pigs, Cows, Sheep and Chickens are all friendly. The worst they will do is trample your crops, but that is why we have fences!
Pigs drop meat when you kill them, which you use to eat to heal yourself. Cows drop Leather, which you can use to make armor. You can also milk them with buckets. Sheep drop wool which is nice for carpeting or your walls. Chickens drop feathers when you kill them and eggs when you just leave them alone, you'll hear a pop sound. They are useless for the time being, but we're expecting that to be changed in an update. Feathers are used to make arrows.

There are also hostile mobs.

Like skeletons that drop arrows, zombies that drop feathers for some reason, creepers which fuck your shit up and they also drop gunpowder. Kill them from a distance as they will explode. Spiders drop string, which you can use to make more cloth and to build a bow and a fishing pole. Slimes are recent enough that what they drop is entirely useless, which is just more slime. Be careful killing them because you'll just have two smaller versions. They live in caves near bedrock.

Some more tutorials you may find useful:

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