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25 bands, 25 songs, one small, round room, redux

AMP'dAMP'd Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Singularity Engine++
Last year, the Onion's AV Club treated us to a bunch of bands covering a bunch of songs by a bunch of other bands

Readers generated this list of songs, and when the AV Club get a band to come into the studio, they have to pick one of the remaining uncovered songs from this list:

And here's the first installment, Iron and Wine covering George Michael

And also some highlights from last year

Ted Leo does Tears for Fears

The Clientele does MIA

Cymbals Eat Guitars do Superchunk

The Swell Season do Two-Headed Boy

The Walkmen do REM

Andrew WK does Silent Night

Anyway, we've got another 24 weeks of potentially great cover songs to look forward to

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