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Last Supper

StaleStale Registered User regular
edited October 2009 in Singularity Engine++

No. Not that.



What is your last supper SE++? Your Death-Row Meal? What do you want to be the last food you ever eat?

What is the taste that you want lingering on your tongue as you shuffle off this mortal coil?

For me? My grandfathers freshly caught and fried catfish, my grandmothers biscuits with honey-butter, a slab of Delmonico's Prime Rib, a huge slice of Gino's East sausage and mushroom pizza, an Al's Italian Beef sandwich, and a La Bamba's Combo burrito.

Serve it with a good Bourbon and Coke.

Give me all that, and if it doesn't kill me on it's own, I'll be ready to die.

What's yours?

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