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Engrave: Elbereth

DavoidDavoid Registered User regular
edited December 2008 in Singularity Engine++
Some of us escape our miserable lives by playing video games. Most times, these games will allow us to become heroes in far away lands, shoot alien horrors and save mankind, or command armies on the glorious road to victory. Other games make us appreciate reality just because those games are so brutal, and we feel as if we are fairly accomplished individuals after the 500th time the character on the screen dies within the first few minutes. Roguelikes fall into the latter.

Roguelikes are designed for the masochist. It's that thing you see the weird nerdy guys with the long, unkempt hair doing at the college computer lab that resembles an arcane screen full of spat out code. We play them because we hate ourselves. Yet, at 4 am, rolling a new character after your level 6 Ghoul Necromancer Fry Cook bites the dust seems like a good idea. The challenge of playing nethack or crawl and the work it demands from the player might as well be a second job.

Yet there is something appealing about the genre, the dense gameplay and completely unforgiving randomization mechanics. There is also something undeniably cool about a game that demands you use pretty much the entire keyboard just to do basic commands.


Plus the visuals are pretty awesome.

Some popular roguelikes are:




Dwarf Fortress



Who else enjoys directing around a @ symbol through imaginary mazes?

Davoid on


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