I can has refund... kinda?

Hey, I just signed up here to ask this question so, here it goes. I just bought a badge and, being the guy who's not always on the ball that I am, payed the Fedex thing of $15 as well as the $30 for the ticket. Now my friend has told me you only need Fedex if you are out of the United States... was he correct? And if so, is there any chance (I'm assuming there isn't) that I could somehow get my $15 back? I know it's not much, but that would be $15 less I'd be able to spend on video games at the convention... :winky:

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    Hi, this is like the exact wrong way to go about finding what you need. You will find what you need on the PAX site.

    There is also a subforum specific to PAX where people who can answer your question might actually be reading posts.

    This area is for forum administration.

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    Ah... thanks. Wasn't sure if I was in the right place.

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    The PAX forum would be a more appropriate place, but I'm going to suggest you email [email protected]

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