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Classical Music Appreciation Station

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Hello Marquis and Marquesses, Mademoiselles and Gendarmes, come right this way. Your balcony has been prepared.

Listen to these sounds as you take your seats.

This is the thread for classical music, but the music need not come from the classical age. It need not be composed several hundred years ago in Vienna to qualify. Here we do not judge because the music does not conform to a certain trend, nor will we look down on music because it was created for the purpose of enhancing other media: some of the most beautiful classical music composed in the last decade has been done so for films.

But enough of this talk, the orchestra has tuned, the lighting has dimmed, the conductor has tapped his stand for attention. Every errant whisper magnifies in this silence, let us not contribute to it ourselves.

Here, now, a selection of my personal favorites to get the discussion rolling:

The most famous of Elgar's Enigmas, made so because of the Rob Dougan and the Matrix.

The most esteemed Impressionist composer Claude Debussy's famous "La Fille aux Chevaux de Lin." One can only wonder at the French beauty that inspired this intricate creation.

And last but not certainly least, Antonin Dvorak's incredible New World Symphony, 4th movement. Please do try your best not to lose your monocles, gentlemen, this piece is quite bombastic.

But enough of my preferences, no musical hall of any repute plays only to one set of tastes. Let us share.

Edit: Just as a courtesy, and I know my OP has 4 youtube links, but lets try to keep the youtube embeds to one or to per post so that the forums don't shit the bed. K thanks.

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