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Trenches comic: Tuesday Oct. 11, 2011



  • AegeriAegeri Plateau of LengRegistered User regular
    When I read the term brownbag, I immediately assumed she had a bag full of poop and then lit it on fire. I had no idea this concept was linked to food, but the more you know!

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  • MalReynoldsMalReynolds The Hunter S Thompson of incredibly mild medicines Registered User regular
    If it's a process that involves shit, it did, at some point, involve food.

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  • IvarIvar Registered User regular
    Well, at least it's better than getting blackbagged.

  • Centurion13Centurion13 Registered User regular
    Heh, the way the guy ranted, the writer for the archetypes piece probably got him mixed up. Sounds like a nuke from an aircraft carrier, and if no AC was the complaint he encountered as a civilian, yeah, we put up with that shit for three or so months at a time in the Gulf. And launched a couple hundred 45 ton planes every damn day. On a flight deck which was about 130 degrees in the shade, if it had shade. Which they don't. There is a reason the flight deck crew is mostly men and women age 18-21. They are the only ones who can do that sh*t and live to tell.

    Between that and having to live in the insane world of nuclear propulsion and still function as a human being? Yeah, it tends to put your later trials in life into perspective.

  • RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
    Hold the fuck up! Q is NOT an anthropomorphic owl?

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