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Panda-Monium![SE++ WoW]

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Lord Dave wrote:

Arthas is dead. Deathwing has shattered Azeroth. But the real threat looms on the horizon.

Look at this motherfucker. Easily the most diabolical and evil force in Azeroth, Outland, or any colored dream. He not only used the blood elves and Illidan, but Kil'jaeden to his advantage. Check out that ability! He gains control of all ready resources! I don't even know what that means, but I'm sure it's goddamn powerful.

So Shamblers, start gearing up for Undead Fel Elemental Lord Kael'thas Sunstrider due in patch 4.3 and also in patch 5.2

<Shambler Milk> is the place to come if you'd like to play with SE++ers.

Instructions for joining:

1) Create a character on Cho'gall
2) /who Shambler Milk
3) Ask someone for a guild invite
4) Friends and family are welcome

Get an Authenticator you damn weiners

Required Mods:


...that's it.

Raid Schedule:

25-mans squat on Tuesday
All weekday raids remain at 8PM server/9PM EST/6PM PDT
(6PM server weekends)

Suggested Reading:

How to not be that guy in groups. Don't be that guy.

WoW Terminology. If you find yourself confused by the language of WoW, this is a good place to start.
Metacortex wrote: »
How to Shamble in the Clysm

You like raids, yes? Well we got raids. Here are a few things that you need to do if you want to Shamble Raid.
  1. Download and install MilkGlass!
  2. Download and install Ventrilo. You don't need to have a mic, but you do need to be able to, and know how to listen.
  3. Download an up to date version of Deadly Boss Mods.
  4. Know your class. The Elitist Jerks Forums generally have good information for every class, so give some of their information a read through. You can also ask in guild and people will try to help.
  5. Have your gear properly gemmed and enchanted. Yes this costs gold. Tough shit, do it anyway. Don't be a Moopac.
  6. Be able to pay attention and think/act/react on your own.
  7. Have (at least) a rudimentary knowledge of the encounters in which you are about to partake.

Following is a video compilation of the current raid boss encounters. Watch them and learn so you're not a dumb. Most of these are from TankSpot and, while I find the lady's voice a bit annoying and she is apparently incapable of saying "roar", they are generally pretty good at explaining the encounter. It should also be noted that some of the videos are 10 man, and some are 25. This does not change much other than the numbers involved, and either way the videos work as learning tools.

Baradin Hold
Baradin Hold is the new Vault of Archavon type raid and currently contains one boss, and he is easy sauce. Still, if you do not know how to Argaloth, watch the video.

Pit Lord Argaloth

Bastion of Twilight
Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Halfus is accompanied by six additional NPC dragons. The first is his pet Proto Drake that will attack the raid. You can't do anything about him.

The other five, of which only three will be active in a given raid reset, all give Halfus different abilities. The raid needs to activate these dragons and kill them to weaken Halfus in order to kill him. I am including this list as the video that follows was a bit vague on some of them, but it's still informative.
Slate Dragon:
Gives Halfus the "Maleficent Strikes" ability. Stacking mortal strike debuff, forces a tank swap.
Killing Slate Dragon causes the BOSS (not the raid) to be stunned for 12 seconds periodically.

Nether Scion:
Gives Halfus the "Frenzy" ability. Increases attack speed by 100%.
Killing Nether Scion reduces the BOSS: Chance to hit, attack speed, and damage done by 25%.

Time Warden:
Activates the proto-behemoth's "Fireball Barrage" (i think it needs to be dodged, conflicting info still)
Killing the Time Warden slows down the fireballs, making them easier to dodge.

Storm Rider:
Activates Halfus' "Shadow Nova" spell (needs to be interrupted)
Killing the Storm Rider reduces the cast time of Shadow Nova by 100%, making it possible to interrupt.

Orphaned Emerald Whelps:
Activates the Proto-behemoth's "Scorching Breath" ability (causes lots of raid damage, needs to be healed)
Killing the whelps reduces the damage dealt to the raid by the Proto-behemoth (might also reduce boss damage, unsure)

Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Valiona & Theralion
These two dragons will tag team your raid. The video speaks for itself.

Valiona and Theralion
Twilight Ascendant Council
Here we fight guys of Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. But not Heart, fuck that guy. Then those guys turn into Captain Planet and you kill him, too. This fight also features one of the few times when being in fire is a good thing.

Twilight Ascendant Council
This guy is our server's namesake. He is a big two-headed ogre fuck with tons of abilities and features a unique Corruption mechanic somewhat similar to Yogg-Saron's Insanity.


Thone of the Four Winds
The Conclave of Wind
The Conclave of Wind features three big Genie bastards, but no Robin Williams. Each has their own abilities. Sometimes you need to use wind jets to change platforms and it's overall a pain in the junk.

The Conclave of Wind
Al'Akir is the biggest Genie of them all. He does knockbacks and blizzards and adds and tornadoes. The tornadoes constantly move around the platform and have a random place in them that you can get into to let them pass by a la the lava waves on Sartharion. Which is awesome because I know how good you assholes were at avoiding that shit. Also, in phase three it's kind of like Malygos phase three in that you are flying around in three dimensional space which is awesome for the same reason as doing Malygos with you fucks was always fun. Kill me now.

Blackrock Descent
Omnotron Defense System
This encounter features four elemental golems, of which only two will be active at a time. Each has their own unique abilities as are laid out in the video. For God's sake kill the fucking slimes.

Omnotron Defense System
Magmaw is a big lava worm thing that rapes everyone with fire or something. Then you impale him on a spike and do the damages. Also there are little parasitic worm things that I'm sure we will be awful at dealing with.

There's no TankSpot video for Maloriak yet, so instead you'll get a list of abilities and a crappier video that, while it does point out things about the boss, it does so in text and is accompanied by some metal. Rock on.

Hey dudes I made a little UI guide thing for you bros that keep asking to help with yours. Uis are pretty personal things, no two Uis will be the same but I kinda want this to be like a starting point for you bros to get your Uis going.
Addons I use.

Button Facade
Doom Cooldown Pulse
Elkanos buff bars
Miks scrolling battle text
SLData text
Tidy Plates
Tidy Plates: Threat plates
Tooltip on mouse

Addons you better use if you're not a Feeg

Milkglass (its for butts)

Thats a good number off Addons I suppose, if you don't feel comfortable using all those at the same time or don't think you need to uses some of them thats fine. Start slow, Changing your entire UI in a day can take some getting used to so if you just want to ease yourself in then by all means be a babbie.


Here I'll tell you how I set up my various Addons just as kind of a reference, If you don't like the way I Set my stuff you can change it to your liking or send a complaint to mirren. I'll also put picture I guess.

Bagnon: just Set it and forget it. It also lets you see whats in the bags of all your characters just by selecting the little portrait of yourself in the corner and switching to another toon.

Button Facade: Add a border to your buttons. Make it so you do have a border. Do what ever you feel is right with your bars. No real set up need, just find the button facade menu in your addons panel and choose which on you want

ClassTimer: I love classtimer, not only does it show any buff or debuff you want on your target, it also does the same for you, your pet, and your focus! I set mine to be just above my bars, and make them stack up in stead of down. To add buffs or debuffs to tracking just go into timers-->extra--> then add the spell you want.

Clique: lets you easily bind stuff to keys or key combos or mouse buttons or key and mouse button combos. The possibilities are endless! Setting your binds is straight forward and clique even has a little tutorial.

Docsdebugrunes: awesome for Dks compact addon that tell you all you need to know bout DK stuff like rune cooldowns duration of the infusion buff on your ghoul, size of the next blood shield if you choose to deathstrike after a hit. Its awesome

Dominos: I love dominos, perhaps my favorite addon, you can do pretty much anything you can think of with your bars and its easy to use.
Here is my set up You might not like they way I have my bars set but this is just an example.

Action Bar 1
Size: 12
Column: 6
Spacing: 13
Padding: 3
Scale: 122

Action Bar 2
Same as above

Action Bar 3
Size: 6
Columns: 6
Spacing: 30
Padding: 1
Scale: 77

Action Bar 4
Same as 3

Bar: 5
Size: 12
Columns: 12
Padding: 2

Bars 6-10 are unused for but you can do with them what you will
These are numbers are scaled to my monitor so they might be a little different then what you desire but you can fiddle with them till they are right.

Elkanos Buff Bars: My preferred replacement for the blizzard buff icon. Pretty straightforward set up. Just drag it yo where ever you desire, you can add or remove buffs that you want to track through the options menu

Grid: Grid is awesome, I use it as a party/raid frames replacement but its also invaluable for telling who has aggro, who's dying, Who's dead, incoming heals, who has what debuff and a bunch of other junk. Setting up grid is an adventure in and of itself but thats more for healers and I assume they already know what to do. The base version of Grid works just fine as a party/raidframe. Set up can be a bit daunting just because of the sheer number of menus and sub menus but its pretty simple to set up once you get past them.

Omen3: Aggro meter. Useful for tanks and DPS who don't want to pull aggro and die like chumps (Revash). Pretty much set and forget unless you want to tweak the visuals. I personally have it set to transparent along with recount.

Recount: Dps meter to show how bad you are, why are you so bad, do 2k more dps.

SexyMap: Map mod lets you put all kinds of pretty borders and shit around your map. Also allows you to move it away from the top corner postion. I use the simple square preset because I don't like a lot of bullshit around my map. Maps are serious goddamn business and anyone who tells you otherwise is a communist sympathizer

SLData Text: This is a replacement for the regular menu bar, the one that shows your latency and all that other junk you hardly ever look at. To get to the config for this you have to type /sldt.
Tidy Plates and Tidy Plates: Threat Plates: the semicoloning pt 2 race to shoe mountain: Name plate mod that rules. They aren't as useless as the blizzard ones. They show who has aggro on what how much aggro, cast bars and other life saving tips.

ToolTip on mouse: it puts the tool tips on your cursor.

Deadly boss mods: Derp

Xperl: A UnitFrame mod that lets you change and move all the unit frames ever. I have mine set to not show party or raid frames because I use Grid for that. To navigate to the config menu just type /xperl and away you go.

Once you set up all your addons and stuff you might have a cool UI like this or a horrible abomination, Who knows?

If I missed something let me know, or if you need help or something.

Guild Roster
The Officers:

Lord Dave - Mirren - Mage - Queen of the Guild
EclipsedPlanet - Montina - Paladin - Consort
Ranlin - Alendra - Druid - Weh Wemh
Radius - Kyira - Rogue - Hates you
Metacortex - Nobarg - Warrior - Grabby
Dely Apple - Pipette - Hunter - 106.3, Radio KDLY
Bogey - Vymes - Death Knight - Social Director

Master of Feegs:
Nikolai - Higgins - Butt

The Plebeians:

Rhylith - Rhylith - Shaman
Dys - Dystopian - Shaman
captaink - Knut - Shaman
Balefuego - Baledar - Shaman
Lock Robster! - Eits - Druid
Opalcat - Pittpolecat - Warlock
Javen - Javen - Rogue
SA - Revash - Warlock
Bucketman - Skragg - Warrior
Belruel - Belruen - Priest
Laurrie - Aladorn - Death Knight
Gatsby - Jerne - Hunter
Naphtali - Naphtali - Priest
Mitten - Cless - Priest
GRMike - Borrock - Paladin
Sarukun - Kerokoa - Druid
Bytoady - Toadles - Warrior
The Geebs that is a Mod - Vonne - Priest
Slow - Nsfw - Rogue
Langly - Cuthburt - Paladin
Animal Companion - Xenomortis - Rogue
Ruer - Mintaka - Warrior
Cilla Black - Urdahlia - Priest
Zucchini - Zucchini - Druid
Blankspace - Blankasaurus - Hunter
Manifest - Manif - Paladin
Callius - Callius - Paladin
Wubblewoo - Wubblewoo - Paladin
Ranx - Vamrithis - Priest
Shabooty - Ooty - Druid
Aphostile - Ephostile - Druid
Tsplitter - Rasmius - Warrior
Swill - Swills - Paladin
Deaconblues - Normanus - Priest
Shadowthomas - Xangia - Paladin
Scosglen - Barnago - Warlock
End - Zaraleiriria - Warlock
Uriel - Rotshank - Rogue
Yukira - Leliana - Paladin

The Babbies:

That Dave Fella - Dafella - Shaman
Vargas Prime - Vhargas - Paladin
Fearghaill - Euryale - Warlock
Andrew Ryan - Dryan - Death Knight
The Stig - Ursine - Druid
Stale - Stizz - Warrior
Asmodei - Fahren - Warlock
Baywatch - Crossbuster - Rogue
Professor Snugglesworth - Jordinand - Druid
Quoth - Lydda - Hunter
SabreMau - Charvanek - Paladin
SLyM - Davl - Druid
Munkus Beaver - Munkus - Druid
I Win Swordfights! - Korovan - Paladin
??? - Snrub - Druid
Sara Lynn - Odella - Rogue
joshua1numbers - Trollishness - Druid
Isoldae - Isomon - Warlock
Modedieu: 70's Shaman

Along with all the friends and families of Shamblers.


Derrick - ??? - ???

Shamblers of Yore:

Meissnerd - Stop healing him
makershot - Rubenesque - Shaman
Drool - Remmos - Baby with a beard
WhiskeyBiznass - Gwency - Rogue
Omegasquash - Omegasquash - Paladin
Fallout - TOMCRUISE - DK
Frylockholmes - Valikriss - Warrior
Aburnflags - Vilmon - Paladin
Preachermeat - Krythlynn - Paladin
Joah - Chatturgha - Shaman
Linksville - Franksville - Druid
Kusuguttai - Kusu - Warlock
futility - Shekhina - Hunter
SkankPlaya - Vaklempt - Warlock
Fandyien - Fandyien - Priest
World as Myth - Yosephine - Rogue
Captain Cthulu - Naporeon - Paladin
Neville - Nevga - DK
SithDrummer - Arkjin - Hunter
Hoodie - Avataar - Hunter
Aslan - Pysek - Mage
Owenashi - Kaziel - Warrior
Backwards - Sdraw - Mage
Centipede - Ravkaras - warlock
Roahgnar - Anjin-San - Warrior
Jes is a - jessaissa - Mage

Are you new? Check some of this stuff out so you won't be awful.
Curse Gaming: World of Warcraft mod depository. If it's a WoW mod it's probably here.

Wowhead: The best database for WoW hands-down.

MMO-Champion: The go-to site for patch and PTR news.

WoW Insider: The Kotaku of WoW. Slower news than everyone else, and a lot of crappy articles, but occasionally a rare gem.

Elitist Jerks Forums: Wondering whether haste or crit is better for you? EJ has had their results on that published in scientific journals.

Pet Collectors: Compendium for vanity pets. What pets exist, and how to get them.

Pettopia: Compendium for hunter pets. What pets exist, and how to get them

Mount Up!: Compendium for mounts. What riding pets exist and how to get them.

Wow Wiki: The largest known database of WoW lore outside of Owenashi geocities page.

Goodbye Northrend, we will miss your icy mountains majesty above the zombied plains

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