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Trucks, dogs, mean-hearted women: The Country Music Thread!

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Country and Western music is as American as apple pie and arbitrary invasions. Though modern country music certainly has its roots in blues and early rock and roll, traditional country music takes its inspiration from many different styles of music, especially Celtic and Spanish sources.

Country music is often stereotyped as being sad, twangy music about trucks and redneck stuff, which is a topic lampooned by the great David Allan Coe in this song.

But country music isn't just about bad women and stuff!

In fact, many country singers have been very active politically!

Like Henson Cargill, whose lone hit "Skip a Rope" addressed issues such as racism at a time when many Americans were still supportive of school segregation.

Now, I'm mostly a classic country kind of guy. Waylan and Willie and such. So if you know of any newer acts who don't suck, post 'em.

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