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[EAST] End of PAX hotel reviews

LimondLimond Registered User regular
edited September 2012 in PAX Archive
So how did everyone like their prescriptive hotels?

I stayed at the Seaport Hotel and it was absolutely fantastic. The hotel was about 1/4 mile from the BCEC entrance and in between them there was an entrance for the silver line. It was 30 bucks a night cheaper then at the connected Westin (stayed there last year). Across the street from it was a Dunkin Donuts and a 7-11 (another huge money save, screw paying 3.5 for a soda or water when I can get one for a buck right next to my hotel). The only complaints I have were that they didn't give us a receipt when we checked our luggage in with them, so had to spend 5 minutes getting that sorted out and when more blankets were requested. They brought sheets.

My friend and I are staying there again next year. The only thing the Westin has for it is a bit less of a walk.

How about your hotel?

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  • fyeahckingfyeahcking Registered User regular
    Doubletree in Chinatown. Far (~1.5mi), but fine and inexpensive. The attached Starbucks for the morning walk was a plus for me, too.

  • University OgreUniversity Ogre Registered User regular
    Midtown was a convenient location with good beds, not a bad price. A continental breakfast would have been a plus, since the last hotel I stayed at was cheaper and had one, but Midtown did not.

  • vttymvttym Ardent Gamer Northern NJRegistered User regular
    Second the Seaport love. Stayed at the Colonnade last year due to late registration (which was awesome as well), but was glad to get the Seaport this year. We had a beautiful corner room on the 16th floor that overlooked the walkway to the BCEC.. literally was a visual gateway to PAX every morning for me :)

    Staff was great, and got the room together for my wife (8 months pregnant) and 2.5 y/o daughter well before the normal checkin time.

    A+! Would buy from them again!

  • AmycusAmycus Registered User regular
    I stayed at the Seaport at the last PAX and loved it. The 7-11 was a huge plus.

    This year I was at the attached Westin, and was equally happy. Great staff, reasonably priced (for hotel food anyways) and IMHO, great food (at MJ O'Connels). The mezzanine was the after hours place to be for those with low alcohol tolerance =D

  • KrisstaKrissta New HampshireRegistered User regular
    Seaport was awesome, aside from being on the 6th floor, above the Curse party. Could hear the bass. :P However, I brought a fan and earplugs, so go me for being prepared! ;)

  • TemigTemig East [E] North Shore - MARegistered User regular
    edited April 2012
    For something like $189/night the InterContinental worked out quite well. Was nicely located in terms of ability to walk to PPD and back at the end of the night from the PokeCrawl and the walk to/from BCEC was very manageable. Shuttles worked well at the end of the night, and in the one case I took a cab with a couple of exhibitors that happened to be leaving as I was, it was only something like $6.60.

    While I think Westin would be great for the proximity, as would Seaport, I ended up being happy I was @ IC simply for the Pre-PAX events.

    Temig on
  • MalkaraMalkara Tampa, FLRegistered User regular
    The Seaport was fantastic, absolutely no complaints, and a really reasonable price for the accomodations.

  • jsh357jsh357 Registered User regular
    I stayed at the Langham. It was nice, though it didn't seem too many PAX folks were staying there. A little expensive. I had to walk a while to find food at night.

  • aikoeaikoe Registered User regular
    Renaissance Waterfront was great. The room was lovely, the staff was accommodating, and there was an attached Starbucks to boot. It was right around the corner from Salvatore's, where you could get an impossibly large pizza for very little money. The only complaint I had is that we gave them our bags on Sunday so they would hold them behind the desk after check-out, and they were apparently REALLY rough with them. A couple things got broken. :|

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  • ShiosShios Poopfeast420 Orlando, FLRegistered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Seaport was amazing. Surprisingly cheap, Dunkin Donuts and 7-11 right across the street. 5 minute walk to and from the BCEC. Silver line was between the hotel and BCEC making it very easy and inexpensive to get to and from the hotel, the airport, and south station for even more food options. Hotel staff was extremely friendly. Rooms very very clean and accommodating.

    Girlfriend and I got pizza Friday night and left the leftovers in the fridge overnight to eat for lunch the next day, but we realized we didn't have a microwave. Called down to ask if one was available somewhere and they brought one up, along with a few plates and silverware absolutely free of charge within minutes. I wanted to tip the lady who brought all of this up so quickly but the hotel has a no-tip policy :(

    A+ experience.

    Shios on
  • crummocrummo Registered User new member
    How much did people pay for the Westin and how far in advance did you have to book the weekend in order to guarantee the room?

  • OminousLozengeOminousLozenge Registered User regular
    The Renaissance was okay, but if you're used to staying at Renaissance hotels you might find the Renaissance near BCEC a little lacking. It's relatively small stuff, and not really anything that would prevent me from staying there again if my first two choices (Westin and Seaport) are sold out so quickly again next year. My biggest complaint was that the in-room WiFi isn't free. I spend half my year on work travel, and I can't remember the last time I was asked to pay for Internet service in my room. The lobby WiFi is free, though, so it wasn't the end of the world.

    I will say, though, that the chocolate pancakes are always delicious. Also, the concierge was very helpful to my wife, who forsook PAX in favor of playing tourist around Boston for two days.

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  • MalkaraMalkara Tampa, FLRegistered User regular
    crummo wrote: »
    How much did people pay for the Westin and how far in advance did you have to book the weekend in order to guarantee the room?

    It sold out before the first week of ticket sales was over, but rooms opened up intermittently all the way up to the week before.

  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    Seaport was really nice, and the base price was pretty reasonable. I do need to complain to them however since they charged us $201 per night when our reservations were for $180. Not a huge difference, but enough of one over 3 nights.

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  • WizardWizard Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    crummo wrote: »
    How much did people pay for the Westin and how far in advance did you have to book the weekend in order to guarantee the room?

    179 per night, before taxes and charges. Ended up being about 205 dollars per night. As I was splitting it between friends, it wasn't so bad. But eesh.

    I booked it the moment PAX discounts went up.

    Wizard on
  • nevermore13nevermore13 Registered User regular
    Stayed at the Westin after staying at the Intercontinental last year. Staff was very friendly and allowing us to use the Mezzanine to game for the entire weekend was great. Also, for hotel food it was good and fairly reasonable. Love the convenience and not having to rely on the shuttle late at night like last year.

  • CthulhuKatCthulhuKat Registered User new member
    Westin was great.


    Mezzanine for gaming was really nice. People were playing board and card games all night.

    Concierge was awesome. Really helpful. Friendly staff all around.

    Having a place really close to dump swag and stuff mid-day and be able to hop back into the action right away was really nice.

    My only complaints:

    Cleaning service starts coming by at like 8:30am. So put up a DND sign. >.<

    Fridge in room did not work. :(

    Maybe I'm spoiled... but it's the ONLY hotel I have ever been to where Wifi was NOT free. ($12.95/day)

  • carstairscarstairs Registered User regular
    CthulhuKat wrote: »

    Maybe I'm spoiled... but it's the ONLY hotel I have ever been to where Wifi was NOT free. ($12.95/day)

    That's the norm for business hotels. Counter-intuitively, the nicer the hotel, the more things you need to pay for, breakfast and Internet being notable.

  • KrisstaKrissta New HampshireRegistered User regular
    carstairs wrote: »
    CthulhuKat wrote: »

    Maybe I'm spoiled... but it's the ONLY hotel I have ever been to where Wifi was NOT free. ($12.95/day)

    That's the norm for business hotels. Counter-intuitively, the nicer the hotel, the more things you need to pay for, breakfast and Internet being notable.

    Yup, except the Seaport! Was awesome to have wifi available in the room for free. :)

  • creid8creid8 Registered User regular
    Westin gave me a room with 1 bed instead of the 2 bed room I booked. They didn't even mention it when I was checking in. Room wasn't ready until 5pm, two hours after normal checkin, even though I had requested "early checkin." Otherwise, the Westin was great.

  • Kiki_louKiki_lou Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    Stayed at the Westin:
    - Parking is $33 a night and we had A LOT of issues with our card not working (we left a few times with the car). Every time we went to leave the card would not work, we always had to press the 'help' button to be able to leave. For a parking that I am paying this much for, this is unacceptable.
    - Internet is $12.95 a day and was not great, slow, took a long time for our computers to even sign on the first time (my friend who was staying in the room next door was never even able to hook it up all week-end!!). for something that I am paying for it needs to be better (maybe I'm being picky, but I've had better internet for free)
    - not a lot of choices for breakfast or meals in general. Next year will be bringing our own food with a cooler & toaster. We went out to get pizza one of the nights (cheaper going to get it ourselves than ordering it in)

    - Room service was great when we needed it and that '0' number gave me all the answers!
    - Requested a mini fridge and due to out early arrival we were able to get one (was really small, but really handy)
    - Being attached to the BCEC has it's perks. really came in handy when we bought bigger items as well as the day I cosplayed (decided to remove costume earlier than planned so was able to walk up to room easily and change)
    - Gaming night on the Mezzanine was fun! Had a great came of cards against humanity!
    - Room was nice and clean. LOVE the bed.....apparently you can buy one.....may have to look into that!

    All in all it was ok, but we will be thinking long and hard on weather we will stay there again next year....Seaport seems an interesting choice...

    Kiki_lou on
  • ransimransim Registered User regular
    The seaport was great the room was nice the bed was comfy and the staff were all incredibly helpful.

    The only real con I had with the Seaport was the price of food. There were a few days we wanted a sit down breakfast but opted against it because of the outrageous prices at the hotel restaurants and room service, I mean really $12 for two eggs any style?!

    Other then that it was great, definitely worth the money with being so close, right next to the silver line and a 7-11/Dunkin Donuts.

  • ChorazinChorazin Lancaster, PARegistered User regular
    The key to the Westin is to know where to get food delivered cheap. If you don't mind pizza a few nights, you can feed a large group from Papa John's for next to nothing per person.

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  • DiannaoChongDiannaoChong Registered User regular
    carstairs wrote: »
    CthulhuKat wrote: »

    Maybe I'm spoiled... but it's the ONLY hotel I have ever been to where Wifi was NOT free. ($12.95/day)

    That's the norm for business hotels. Counter-intuitively, the nicer the hotel, the more things you need to pay for, breakfast and Internet being notable.

    This bugs me about hotels, to me its like if they charged you to use the tv on a daily basis.

    I stayed in the colonnade(and back in 2010), and it worked for what we want. We accidentally got a bill for an anime boston room and their "discount" had their bill 40$ a night more expensive then ours. we chuckled at that and slipped the bill under their door. The lack of restaurants near the convention center vs the 2010 spot really shows, we were having problems finding a nice place to eat at night and still be able to get back for things we wanted to see.

  • RygarieRygarie Registered User regular
    Stayed at the Aloft in Lexington, about 25mins outside the city. We would leave at about 6:30, get coffee and a bagel, park for 12 bucks and get in line early enough for to be in the first queue line everyday.

    Pros of the Aloft

    121.00 per person (four people) for the entire weekend (we check in Thursday night)

    Free WiFi

    Bar downstairs, friendly staff

    HUGE flat screen TV in the room along with a fridge


    Not connected to the convention center lolol

    Need a Car for this strategy to work.

    To total
    484.00 for room
    12.00 a day for parking
    2.50 in tolls per day

  • ultimakayultimakay Registered User regular
    edited April 2012
    I stayed at the hampton Inn in Woburn. It was about a 25 minute drive from boston, and I never hit any traffic until right near the convention center. Was able to wake up at 8 am, leave at about 9am then get parked and into the convention by about 9:30am.


    Prepaid rate was $103 per night for all 4 nights ($412 total)

    Very close to I-93 southbound, which can be taken to drive right into boston

    Free Wi-fi

    Free Breakfast from 6-10am

    Fridge, microwave and TV in the room and comfy beds

    Shopping center right across the street, had a half dozen restaurants including panera bread, mcdonalds, a japanese steakhouse and a mexican grill among others as well as a grocery store. A grill and bar was also right next to the hotel.


    Tv didn't work, though I never really needed it.

    Some of the restaurants and the grocery store seemed to close early (around 9pm) that made it less useful if your getting back at around 11-12 each night.

    Need a car, and the cheaper parking ($12 a day) only runs to midnight and makes it a pain to stay until 1-2am if you tend to do that.

    Overall it was a very nice stay, the drive in was seriously great but I suspect that was due to easter weekend more than anything else. The close proximity to a variety of restaurants is nice but not really useful in you stay at the con late.

    ultimakay on
  • LuptoniumLuptonium Registered User regular
    Comfort inn was cheapish had great amenities but their shuttle service was a second fiddle Ramada shuttle. I was late saturday and sunday because if Ramada filled it we would be skipped for 45 minutes.

  • KikiItemriKikiItemri MontrealRegistered User regular
    edited April 2012
    I stayed at the Mariott Courtyard and it was really nice! It was about a 5 to 10 minute drive from the BCEC, so it wasn't so bad

    - $150 a night
    - Free parking
    - Free wifi
    - Mini fridge
    - Free coffee (at least in the morning)
    - Really comfy beds
    - Lots of space in the room
    - They had organized a shuttle service to the BCEC, which I think was NOT a part of the PAX organized shuttles.
    - Close to the T-line

    - Having to pay for a taxi each night to return to the hotel
    - A bit too far to walk to the BCEC
    - If you wanted the breakfast, it was like $12-$13 for a crappy-ish buffet

    KikiItemri on
  • YodaTunaYodaTuna Registered User regular
    Stayed at the Intercontinental for the second year in a row. I only have two problems with staying there, very little storage place in the fridge and.... a window into the bathroom from the bedroom area. WTF?

  • TeknoMonkeyTeknoMonkey Registered User regular
    I got to stay at the Seaport this year for my first PAX East and I thought it was very convenient because of the silverline, the 7-11, and a few of the restaurants I wanted to go to within a few minutes of its position. I liked the room they put me up in (18th floor), the cool little gadgets (Do not Disturb button), and then the access to the BCEC via the plaza floor. Also found out that there's a Bank of America ATM not too far away from the hotel as well (across from the Renaissance Hotel). Only problems I had was with the doors locking at least 1-2 AM on the plaza floor when you were coming from the BCEC. I would recommend it if you're if willing to walk a short distance to get to the BCEC.

  • EmpharaEmphara Registered User regular
    Stayed at the Boston Renaissance Waterfront.
    This hotel was all around a great hotel. It's a super nice hotel and all the employees I encountered were friendly and helpful. They had a mini fridge and a safe in the room, as well as plenty of different electrical outlets and we were able to hook up consoles to the tv's. The people at the front desk were very nice and helpful and very willing to answer our questions. Sunday we asked them for directions to Sal's pizza, and they apologetically informed us that it had closed early for Easter, but they gave us a menu for another pizza place that delivered for $1. During checkout we even ended up talking to a couple of the employees about PAX East and various games coming out and how they wished they had been able to attend this year. The walk to the BCEC was maybe 10 or 15 minutes (depending on your luck with the lights). It would probably be a 5 minute walk if not for having to cross the road about six times. Even at 1:30am after walking around all day and being sore and tired the walk was still certainly doable and not long or unpleasant. They also have a Starbucks in the lobby. We didn't eat there, but it's still nice that it's an option. Oh, and we were on the 21st floor and had a great view of the harbor, BCEC, and pretty much everything else in that direction. If you're on a higher floor and on the side of the building facing the BCEC and harbor the view is great! (Not sure what the view on the other side is like).

    -Parking is really expensive at about $43/day I think (we took a bus down specifically for that reason).
    -Internet wasn't free and was around $14/day.
    -They don't have microwaves in the room, which is a pain if you don't have much money and have to bring your own food (unless you're okay with eating sandwiches for every meal for 3-5 days).

    Overall we had a great stay and my group is looking forward to staying there again next year!

  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    I dunno if "close to a Dunkin' Donuts" counts as a plus. We walked by at least two on our way to the BCEC (and later learned that South Station has one as well) from the Courtyard Tremont, and then there's one that is easily within walking distance of the BCEC itself.

    This year I came away with the notion that Boston is run by a donuts cartel.

  • sassfactor4sassfactor4 Brooklyn, NYRegistered User regular
    I stayed at the westin, and aside from our sink not getting very hot water, I had no complaints about the room. The internet issues were expected (and annoying), I cant see a reason to not stay there again next year.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I will never stay anywhere but the Westin until there's another connected hotel. For me, being connected is of a massive value that can't be matched by the amenities anywhere else.

  • Local H JayLocal H Jay Registered User regular
    Rorus Raz wrote: »
    I dunno if "close to a Dunkin' Donuts" counts as a plus. We walked by at least two on our way to the BCEC (and later learned that South Station has one as well) from the Courtyard Tremont, and then there's one that is easily within walking distance of the BCEC itself.

    This year I came away with the notion that Boston is run by a donuts cartel.
    new england is mostly likely funded entirely by some filthy rich donut tycoon and office building companies

    you know that lewis black joke about the starbucks across the street from the starbucks? i've seen this very thing, but with dunkin donuts.

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  • KoalaBro2KoalaBro2 Registered User regular
    zerzhul wrote: »
    I will never stay anywhere but the Westin until there's another connected hotel. For me, being connected is of a massive value that can't be matched by the amenities anywhere else.

    I mostly have to agree here. We were able to order dinner to the room while gaming, meander back to the hotel in time for the delivery, eat, and be right back at PAX. We could put gaming gear back in the room before concerts. We even had a guy run an awesome game of Burning Wheel for us in the room. I'd probably pay up to $250/night there before considering anywhere else.

    I also want to echo the bit about the Westin check-in desk being courteous and helpful. I originally just had Friday and Saturday night booked, with two double beds. At the last minute, a room opened up on Thursday with a king bed, which I grabbed. I was fully prepared to switch rooms midday on Friday, but the guy at the front desk wouldn't hear of it, and insisted on switching us to a room with two beds for all three nights, requiring no room change. A great increase in convenience for us, and one which I sincerely hope did not bump anyone else from their rightful two bed room on Thursday.

  • coolster23coolster23 Registered User regular
    None of you seemed to stay at the Long Wharf Marriott, I prefer Marriott's to earn my points!

    The hotel staff was very nice and definitely was helpful getting us set up quickly upon arrival.

    As you all mentioned paying for internet I think 12.95 and Valet was 46 dollars a night over there....

    The hotel itself was nice, my room was huge, I could have fit my whole group of 7 in my room between pull out couch, cots and 2 beds.

    It was about a 1.2 mile walk took us 20 minutes to the conference each day.

    Did not seem to find a lot of people gaming in the lobby, probably just because not as many people stayed there.

    Although the big thing I did like was there were a lot of bars and restaurants surrounding the Long Wharf. Sometimes a 7 dollar slice of pizza at BCEC just didn't cut it.

    Not sure where I'll stay next year, the Westin seems awesome because you can drop your stuff off easily mid day or take a quick power nap.

    Just wanted to give a review for the Long Wharf.

  • PayneTraynePayneTrayne Canuck Registered User regular
    I stayed at the Seaport and it was pricey.

    The breakfast was incredibly expensive 25 dollars for what would be a 15 dollar buffet anywhere else. (And 12 dollars for two eggs, dafuq?)
    With that being said it's proximity to the BCEC is beaten only by the Westin and the fact that room service never entered our room allowed for 6 people to stay rather comfortably and without extra charge.
    Also, the fact that it was so close to a 7-11 and other restaurants was awesome as well.
    Also, my shower had very little pressure so it was incredibly annoying to shower, other than that I'd recommend it to everybody (as long as you don't take my reservation!).

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  • KiashienKiashien Medford, MARegistered User regular
    I have no major complaints about the Hyatt Regency- quick, handy, good location, reasonable prices (Except parking- but don't bring a car at all. $42 a day to park!)

    Well, except for the guy blasting Porn at 3 am until I started hammering on the wall. If it's you, be ashamed. You made Sunday much worse for me. :P

    The pirate hat riding bobcat compels you...

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  • kaine23kaine23 NJRegistered User regular
    Colonadde was nice, though way too far. They even gave us a rubber duckie!

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