[How to] Quote a post from a locked thread

SmasherSmasher Starting to get dizzyRegistered User regular
There have been a few occasions when I've wanted to quote a post with a lot of BBcode in a locked thread, but clicking the quote button doesn't work in locked threads. I recently found a workaround and figured I'd share it with everyone else.

1) Find the post you want to quote
2) Right click on the quote button and select "copy link location" or whatever it's called in your browser
3) Find an unlocked thread and hover your mouse over it
4) Note the number that appears in the URL
5) Replace the first number in the quoted post URL with the number from the unlocked topic
6) Go to that URL

You should be taken to a comment window like the one at the bottom of any unlocked thread, but without any posts above it. Unless I've screwed up the steps you'll find the raw text for the quoted post and can copy/paste it to your heart's delight.


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