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Hello all,

I am in need of some help identifying a game I played at PAX East 2013. It was a kickstarter card game where you picked cards from 2 piles, one had pop culture character (ie Michael Jackson, Predator, the Spice Girls, etc.). The other was an action pile, which has events and actions you play on other characters or yours. Every round a player sits out as the judge and debates with the other players about who wins that round. I play tested it and I need to know what the game was.

I appreciate any help you guys can provide.

Your shape-shifting Doctor Who loving friend,


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    This sounds a lot like Story War. Although, Story War has more of fantasy creatures than pop culture characters so you could be talking about something completely different.

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    Hey folks, we actually have a blanket ban on linking to kickstarters on this forum. Please do not continue to link to them.

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    Well, this one closed months ago so I figured it was cool -- it was now just an info page -- and I didn't realize they had a BGG page set up. I'll check BGG first next time though.

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    Machine of Death?


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    ilta wrote: »

    Sweet, that's the game I played. Thank you so much it has been driving me crazy.

    Thank you again.


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