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[Child of Light] JRPG made by Ubi Montreal. Vita version available on July 2nd.



  • gjaustingjaustin Registered User regular
    The story of Lemuria didn’t end with Aurora’s journey in Child of Light. Today it continues with the release of Reginald the Great, a free downloadable book written by Jeffrey Yohalem and illustrated by Serge Meirinho. Picking up a couple years after the events of the game, Reginald the Great follows the story of Reginald, the adventurous young son of Robert and Margaret, whom you probably remember from the game. Patrick Plourde, Child of Light’s Creative Director, and Serge Meirinho spoke with us about the decision to continue the story of Lemuria and its citizens in a book, the desire for a new character, and the idea for community involvement in future stories.

    Very cool

  • GroveGrove Los AngelesRegistered User regular
    I was feeling a little overwhelmed by Fallout 4 and the commitment required for that game only a few hours I looked through my backlog and saw this game. Fired it up and I'm already in love. Holy hell, I had no idea it was this good. The music is incredible as are the visuals. Can't wait to jump back in. Any tips or tricks I should know? I just fought the first boss.

    Seems pretty straight forward but I thought I'd ask.

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  • EnlongEnlong Registered User regular
    In general, do not forget the Defend option. I took way too many hits in situations where I thought I could just barely beat the enemy to the punch. When in doubt, Defend and take your turn slightly later instead of a whole lot later.

    On that note, remember to use the firefly to slow enemies. Aaaand that's all I can really remember. I should try playing it again.

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