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I'm in a DOODLIN' Mood

VeldrinVeldrin Sham bam baminaRegistered User regular
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Hello Essy Plus Plus

Do you like to make pictures?

Does the sensation of sliding a small cylindrical plastic object across an oh-so smooth and welcoming plastic surface excite and entice you to create life?

Perhaps you prefer to mix colourful crushed rocks together with water and wail away on a cave wall or some tree bark with your fists?

Whatever your pleasure, this is a safe place to share, inspire, and be inspired in the wondrous art of illustration.

Feel free to share your creations. Don't be shy, my sweet. There is no judgement here. Only be mindful to link that which may be deemed NSFW, as images still load behind spoiler tags.

Below you will find a useful video tool, with tips and techniques on refining your magic:

I'll start this off. After a weird months-long hiatus of not putting pen to tablet, I decided to get back on the doodle train with a work of blatant shameless plagiarism that my friend requested last night.


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