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After much debate @juicesir and I have finalized the rules for the Secret Santa gift exchange. @grgemonkey worked double time to get everything set up and running.

Who can sign up? Anyone who has made a PA Forum account BEFORE October 29th, 2014 and has made at least 10 substantive posts in the Pinny Arcade section of the forums. This is to make sure that everyone involved is part of the community and not just in it for a free gift. If you do not meet this guidelines and still wish to participate PM @juicesir and myself, we will discuss it. If you don't make it remember there is always next year. You will be required to sign up for a Pinny Pals account as well in order to do the pairings.

The deadline to sign up is November 16th, pairings will go out on the 17th.

The suggested amount for your gift is $30.

1. Put your pal before everyone else. Make sure you send their gift as early as possible. The holiday time period wrecks havoc on shipping companies, don't wait until the last second.
2. All pairings will be random. We are trying to to avoid international pairings, but it may happen.
3. All gifts should be received by Jan 19th, 2015. This should give plenty of time for everyone to send and shipping companies to work their magic. If your present does not make it before this date you risk not being invited back next year and the mods coming after you. If something goes horribly wrong and your gift will be late PM @juicesir and myself.
4. No NSFW or trolling gifts. Be excellent to each other.
5. Make sure to include your forum handle and Pinny on the outside of the package you send. This will allow people who are part of multiple exchanges to keep track and know who to thank.
7. Make sure to fill in the wish list section carefully. Please include your shirt size, any particular allergies/dislikes, your Steam handle/NNID/etc if applicable. If you wish (or do not wish) to receive pins please write it in this section.
8. Once you receive your gift you must open it immediately and post a picture of it in this thread and a thank you. Failure to post timely manor will mean you will not be invited back next year. This rule is so we can avoid hounding a giver who did everything properly. I have been on the wrong end of this before and it is not fun.
9. We realize that not everyone can afford an extravagant gift, but please do not be a Scrooge (pre-visit). Don't send someone a package of pin backs.
9. Please do not complain if you give more than you get.
10. Have fun!
11. Please don't blab about who you have. Remember this is a SECRET Santa.
12. Have fun!

Now how do you sign up? Simple. Just go to and register. Note, you may have to sign in to see the register button.

I know these rules may seem strict, but I really do not want anyone to sign up and not receive a present.

You may be wondering how will you know what to get your giftee, even with their wish list. Check out their Pinny Pals lanyard and see if you have any pins they are missing. If you don't have any or they don't want any than I recommend you spend some time stalking them (the good elf kind, not the creepy Unsolved Mysteries kind). Check out their Twitter or Facebook and see what they like. Maybe they mention a particular author. Maybe they love a particular sporting team. Perhaps they have an obsession with ketchup. Maybe you are an awesome crafty person and can make them something to hold their favorite game. Spend some time and think outside the box. My trademark Metroid hat came from the PAX Bobcats when my person found out how much I love Nintendo. I cherish that hat and wear it all the time during cold weather (or 111/2 months a year in New England.)

The rules have been updated for clarity and take care of some concerns that were raised.

Please use the other thread for all discussion of the Secret Santa and reserve this thread exclusively for pictures/thank yous. This will allow us to more easily keep track of who has received their gift.

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