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Infractions and Bans

ElkiElki get busyModerator, ClubPA mod
edited April 2015 in Debate and/or Discourse
Elki was warned for this.
WARNING: If you click the agree or awesome button on any of these posts, you will be automatically infracted. I am told that accidental button clicks can happen on mobile, so do not browse this thread on mobile. We will not reverse these infractions for any reason. Stay safe.

In this thread we will provide you with updates on recent infractions and bans, at our leisure. As readers of fairytales and sci-fi, you are aware that everything given comes at a price. You are not to discuss these updates in any thread. Doing so will make you a subject of this thread. You are not free to speculate about any update or demand one before one of the mods takes the time to make an update. That is all.

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