Any beer lovers interested in beer trade/bottle share?



  • f33rNapalmf33rNapalm Registered User regular
    DDay629 wrote: »
    First chance to be back on the forum since I got home. Just want to say it was such a pleasure to meet/catch up with all of you and I can't wait till I have a chance to do it again. Also is there a final list of all the beers we tasted somewhere?

    It was a ton of fun. I'm still shocked we didn't get a noise complaint. And we've got a full list of everything we opened that night, once we're all unpacked I'll post it as a Google doc, as well as the sign in/untappd sheet.
    nixter wrote: »
    Hey, did you guys end up cracking open the Beard beer? Was it any good?

    We opened it, it was decent. A little yeasty, like a funky Pale.

  • hexx462hexx462 Registered User regular
    Massive props to @f33rNapalm and his crew of absolutely lovely people. Not only was everyone chill the conversation was great and the breadth of beers I tasted was massive. I had a blast!

  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    Thanks @f33rNapalm for putting this all together, we had a BLAST!!! And thanks @Bull for bringing the IPAs, I just had the last of my stash to ring in the Fall season - DIPA...soooo delicious.

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