Legend of Legacy -- The SaGa returns October 13th



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    vagrant_windsvagrant_winds Overworked Mysterious Eldritch Horror Hunter XX Registered User regular
    IceBurner wrote: »
    Edit I couldn't keep playing SaGa Frontier 2 after all the cool main characters I spent time building up became unplayable for various story reasons, and their successors were spectacularly unimpressive as replacements. It was utterly gorgeous, but I can't handle losing the entire cast to the cruelties of time to focus on a new cast who simply couldn't compare. I'd compare it to having MGS2's story be the second act to MGS, within the same game, only worse, because everyone you were following the story of is out of the picture.

    Yeah, it's not a grinding game. Not till endgame at least. You're focused on learning techs, not leveling stats until then.

    Though, at least one of your starting characters is still around in your end party.

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    DarmakDarmak RAGE vympyvvhyc vyctyvyRegistered User regular
    I only ever played Unlimited SaGa, does that count? I liked that game too, even if a lot of it was completely unscrutable (especially since I got a used copy without a manual). It sure was pretty to look at and listen to though, which more than made up for all the other weirdness for me.

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    chocoboliciouschocobolicious Registered User regular
    Unlimited saga was so unlike anything before it.

    I knew a few people who loved it. I finished a few characters by abusing some combat weirdness but never really fell in love.

    Speaking of frontier 1 and 2.

    1 was amazing if you knew who was good at what and what better triggered things. Even if affinities were at times really obtuse.

    Frontier 2 I replayed recently to try and beat it. I failed miserably. I yet again couldn't beat south moundtop even following two different guides for about two hours of attempt a piece, but then at the boss of the other story I accidentally chose the wrong people to leave behind and even after hours of leveling I just couldn't actually make the new party strong enough to deal with that actually rather rough boss. I had already saved though so I was screwed.

    I still love the game but those two parts are a god damn rollercoaster.

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    BrainleechBrainleech 機知に富んだコメントはここにあります Registered User regular
    Donnicton wrote: »
    It's in the tower in Valley Ruins.

    ok now in the first part of the map how do you cross the chasm?

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    PolaritiePolaritie Sleepy Registered User regular
    Brainleech wrote: »
    Donnicton wrote: »
    It's in the tower in Valley Ruins.

    ok now in the first part of the map how do you cross the chasm?
    There's a couple rock bridges in the upper-left corner.

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