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[GW2] Path of Fire expansion to be released on Sept 22!



  • ringswraithringswraith Registered User regular
    Leandriell wrote: »
    Would anyone be willing to help me out with The Bitter Cold (LS3 ep 3, I think- the one requiring you to go into that very cold area)? I was having a really hard time going in solo and was unable to figure out which way I was supposed to go (plus the mob density is pretty high). I have to gather the stuff for the elixir again, first, too.

    If possible, it would be late Pacific, around 9pm or so.

    I can't make that time, but I can offer some advice. The eeasiest thing is to take the lava tube that shoots you right into the cave near where you need to be. Much quicker and less mobs than walking!

    I did take that. The problem is once inside. I have issues navigating normally, and trying to do it with obscuring weather and high mob density and quick respawns did not make any of it fun.

    Dug this up because I forgot to do two things: One, thanks to @vamen for helping me out with this mission (and then some); and two, apologies to @Leandriell because I thought I had taken the right lava tube but was shown one further up that shot you over where you need to be. /bow_formal

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